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    Your name is Bailey Alexis and your 30. You live your husband, Brady Cooper and your children in Vancouver Washington. Your eldest daughter Nora Eliza is 11 and an aspiring little actress that preforms in plays and musicals. Aiden James (9) and Willow Paige (7). Even though you don't spend enough time with your other kids than with Nora,they still know that you try your very hardest to spend time with them.

    Nora goes to Dance Crazy Academy (DCA) Dance and Theater School and loves preforming with her 3 friends, Alice Brooke Walsh, Sophia Grace and Molly Avalon Thomas but can be competitive at times when it comes to the main part in a show. Her Theatrical Dance and acting teacher, Sarah Elise Hayes gives her new opportunities to become a star in the theater world. You are good friends with Nora's friend's moms, Ava Kate and Gemma Faith but want your daughter to do well like every other theater mom does.

    Sarah calls you to say that she has found a new opportunity for Nora as a rich,beautiful,intelligent girl (Which is the main part). You tell Nora and she can't wait to audition. She quickly phones her friends and realizes that they are going to audition aswell. You hear shouting and screaming from her room after a few minutes and then... you hear crying. You feel sorry for her as you knew that this would happen sooner or later. When you go up to her room...

    3/4 Nora is sitting at her dresser, looking at herself in the mirror. She bursts in to tears and runs to hug you. You ask her pleadingly to tell you what is the matter. She looks at you, with tears in her eyes. You calm her

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