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    Would this be odd for siblings?

    DH loves Lilith and Eve. I prefer Eva to Eve. Would it be weird to have daughters named Lilith and Eve/Eva?

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    Unless they are twins and therefore hang around in the same social circles / classes. But if not then I don't see why Lilith and Eve can't be good sisters, there might be some jokes from the older one's friends when they first find out, but nothing Lilith (don't know why I assume she'd come first) wouldn't be able to handle. I love Eve and I like Lilith, though prefer Lillian / Liliana. I can invisage a lot of people having a problem with it, but these are you're kids, your decision and at the end of the day, if these are the only two names you and dh can agree on, then why not?
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    These are both pretty common names, but I'd say they go together. I like Eve way better than Eva. Eva sounds bratty to me, while Eve sounds beautiful and feminine.

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    @milliemm: You're totally right though. Lilith would be first because our first daughter's middle name will be Summer. I don't have the heart to name my daughter Eve Summer, it reminds me of Summer's Eve.

    I was thinking Lilith Summer and Eve/Eva Harlow?

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    I think Lilith and Eve as sisters is a bit odd, yeah.
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