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    Tove Pronunciation

    How is Tove pronounced properly? I only know one, and she says her name to rhyme with Cove, which I am pretty sure isn't the authentic pronunciation. Nameberry says Tov-ah, anyone know if this is correct? Or what the correct way is? Thanks!

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    Hmm, I know a Tova and she pronounces it tov-ah, but I haven't seen it spelled Tove before so I am not sure, sorry.
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    Most if not all Scandinavian/German names that end in e, treat the e as an "ah" sound. E.g. Lotte, Elke, Lore
    So my guess is that "Tov-ah" is correct

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    The one Tove I have met pronounced it toh-vay, but toh-vah looks correct, too. (She was from Germany).

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    Tove is pronounced TAU-veh. Tuva might be more like what you want, it's pronounced TOO-vah.
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