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    Uber Long Dice Create-a-Family (CAF)

    This name game is for those of you who, like me, don't ever seem to want the dice CAF's to ever end. Please enjoy! Feel free to add pictures of your family, animals, or any other details you want to add. This is going to be in two posts, because this first post will be too long.

    Part I

    You can use this dice:
    or a 12 sided dice you like.

    What is your name?

    Where do you live? (Roll the dice)
    1: Chicago, Illinois
    2: New York City, New York
    3: Houston, Texas
    4: Seattle, Washington
    5: Nashville, Tennessee
    6: St. Paul, Minnesota
    7: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    8: Denver, Colorado
    9: Washington D.C.
    10: Salt Lake City, Utah
    11: Columbia, South Carolina
    12: Your choice

    Who raised you? (Roll the dice) (First & Middle names from website)
    1: Mom and Dad;
    2: Single Mom;
    3: Single Dad;
    4: Aunt and Uncle;
    5: Grandparents;
    6: Foster Parents;
    7: Single Aunt;
    8: Single Uncle;
    9: Single Grandma;
    10: Single Grandpa;
    11: Cousins;
    12: Adoptive Parents;

    How many siblings do you have? (Roll the dice) (First & Middle names from website)
    1: Twin brother;
    2: Twin sister;
    3: One little brother;
    4: One little sister;
    5: One big brother;
    6: One big sister;
    7: Two little brothers;
    8: Two little sisters;
    9: Two big brothers;
    10: Two big sisters;
    11: Little brother & little sister;
    12: Big brother & big sister; and

    How old are you? (Roll the dice)
    1: 18
    2: 19
    3: 20
    4: 21
    5: 22
    6: 23
    7: 24
    8: 25
    9: 26
    10: 27
    11: 28
    12: 29

    What sort of career do you have? (Roll the dice)
    1: Writer
    2: Fashion designer
    3: Photographer
    4: Nurse
    5: Teacher
    6: Magazine Editor
    7: Journalist
    8: Accountant
    9: Artist
    10: Actress
    11: Model
    12: Crime Scene Investigator

    What is your future husband's name? (Roll the dice)
    First name:
    Middle name:
    Last name:

    How old is he? (Roll the dice)
    1: 19
    2: 20
    3: 21
    4: 22
    5: 23
    6: 24
    7: 25
    8: 26
    9: 27
    10: 28
    11: 29
    12: 30

    What sort of career does he have? (Roll the dice)
    1: Movie director
    2: Police officer
    3: Artist
    4: Photographer
    5: Book editor
    6: Author
    7: Lawyer
    8: Professor
    9: Salesman
    10: Actor
    11: Accountant
    12: Doctor

    How do you meet him? (Roll the dice)
    1: On a blind date
    2: Through your job
    3: At a wedding
    4: At a charity event
    5: Through a mutual friend
    6: Through a family member
    7: On a dating website
    8: At a coffee shop
    9: At the park
    10: On a vacation
    11: At a store
    12: At the beach

    How many months/years do you & him date for? (Roll the dice)

    How does he propose? (Roll the dice)
    1: Over a romantic dinner
    2: While talking a walk through some beautiful gardens
    3: On the beach at sunset
    4: On the Fourth of July, writing "Will You Marry Me?" with fireworks
    5: At a concert
    6: During a getaway vacation
    7: At the spot where you two first met
    8: On Christmas Day, under the mistletoe
    9: During a snow storm, with the two of you snowed inside your house
    10: On Valentine's Day, in Rome, next to a fountain
    11: On a boat in the middle of a lake
    12: At a family reunion

    What kind of wedding do you have? (Roll the dice)
    1: Traditional church wedding
    2: Springtime backyard wedding
    3: Cruise ship wedding
    4: Beach wedding
    5: Plaza hotel wedding
    6: Unconventional wedding
    7: Simple wedding
    8: Glamorous wedding
    9: Country wedding
    10: Royal wedding
    11: Vineyard wedding
    12: Winter wonderland wedding

    What does your engagement ring look like? (Roll the dice)

    What does your wedding dress look like? (Roll the dice)

    Where do you go for your honeymoon? (Your choice)

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    Location: Washington D.C.

    DW: Charlotte Amelia Hart [28]
    -raised by a single uncle, Isaac Elias Hart
    -one older sister, Mae Louisa Hart
    -career: Magazine Editor

    DH: Riley Oliver Bradbury [28]
    -career: photographer
    -we met at a wedding
    -dated for 5 years
    -proposed during a snowstorm at home with all our friends there
    -country wedding in the fall

    Engagement Ring:
    Wedding Dress:

    Honeymoon: Athens, Greece

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    West Midlands, UK
    My name is Henrietta Kate Larson, and I live in Sharon, Massachusetts where I was raised by my amazing foster parents; Dylan Elia and Thea Magritte, from the age of five. I have an older brother and sister but only my sister was raised with me, her name is Georgiana Alexandra and she is 21 years old, my brother is 25 and called Xander Matthias.
    I was 19 years old and a journalist, when I met my future husband, his name is Edmund Henry Lear, he was 20 years old and an actor. We happened upon each other at the beach one day, I was there with my brother and sister, we decided to play volleyball but my brother needed another player to face Georgie and I, he called over to this random guy who was sitting on his own, that was Edmund, and he never left. We got to chatting, exchanged phone numbers, and fell in love.
    We dated for eight months before he proposed one snowy evening when we had been snowed in alone at my foster parents' house. The power was out and we were cuddling in the dark surrounded by candles, when he produced a ring and said he'd wanted to propose on the beach we'd first met but couldn't wait! Edmund and I decide to have a glamorous wedding with lots of his actor friends, though I keep it real and have Georgie as my one and only bridesmaid. This is the ring he proposed with = And the dress I wore on my wedding day =
    After the wedding we both took time off work to go to Hawaii for our two week honeymoon.
    Hakuna Matata * Ohana
    Octavia ~ Clark ~ Nina ~ Marshall

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    Location: Nashville, TN

    DW: Amelia Eve Holt (23)
    - raised by mom & dad, Abraham Josiah & Cora June
    - two older brothers, Judah Tobias (29) & Levi Abel (26!
    - Writer

    DH: Jasper Cole Berlin (25)
    - actor
    - met at a coffee shop
    - we date for 3 years before he proposes in the spot where we met
    - unconventional wedding with ring #2 & dress #1

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    Amelia Faith Walker (22)
    -- Chicago, Illinois
    -- Raised by Grandparents: Bernie Donald Walker & Hilda Pearl Walker
    -- Twin sister to Savannah Theodora Walker
    -- Model

    Jasper Lucas Devito (21)
    -- Chicago, Illinois
    -- Salesman

    Met at a park
    Dated for 10 months
    Proposed under the mistletoe on Christmas Day
    Winter Wonderland wedding
    Engagement ring:
    Wedding Dress:
    I am not yet a mummy, but I sure am an auntie to these beautiful children:
    Jamie-Leigh, Maddison, Isabelle, Olivia, Freya, Evie, Zakary, Elise

    Future children's possible names:
    Isaac, Dalton, Jack
    Constance, Millicent, Lindsay

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