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    NEW game. Create a family to fit the initials

    Basically, the first poster will post the names of the parents/parent and then the initials of any offspring.

    For example, Poster A writes-

    Parents: John and Elaine

    Children: girls I_____, B______, and boy H_______

    Poster B replies-

    Parents: John and Elaine

    Children: girls, Ingrid and Bellamy and boy Hugo

    Then posts their own set of initials!

    First set to begin----

    Parents: Rose and Wilbur

    Children: boys M_______ and C________ and daughters H_______ and E_______
    mum to the lovely Harriet Katia (10) Beatrix Liv (6) and Cordelia Joyce (4) and Lionel Rafferty (1 whole year already)

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    Parents: Rose and Wilbur

    Children: boys Michael and Colin and daughters Helena and Elizabeth

    Parents: Eleanor and Quentin

    Children: son P___ and daughters R____, L____ and S______
    Lily - Eliza - Isabelle - Rose - Margaret - Coraline - Emilia - Hazel
    Oliver - Simon - Jasper - Theodore - Henry - Leopold - Ezra - Jack

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    Parents: Eleanor and Quentin

    Children: son Pax and daughters Rowen, Leighton and Sawyer

    Parents: Susannah & Brennon
    Children: Sons M_____ and S_____, and daughters T______, C_____, & B_____.

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    Parents: Susanna & Brennon

    Children: sons Milo and Silas, and daughters Talia, Clementine, and Belle

    Parents: Christian and Sarah

    Children: Sons S___ and Q___ and daughters X____ and E___
    Silas ~ Gideon ~ Lincoln ~ Ezekiel ~ Malachi ~ Samuel ~ Ezra ~ Charlie ~ Gabriel ~ Elliott
    Maisie ~ Sophie ~ Naomi ~ Willa ~ Evangeline ~ Freya ~ Vivienne ~ Nora ~ Josephine ~ Daphne

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    Parents: Christian and Sarah

    Children: Sons Silas and Quentin and daughters Xanthia and Esme

    Parents: Lily and James

    Children: Sons R____ & D_____ and daughters E______ & B________
    Current faves for boys: Kieran Blake ♥ Judah Kyler ♥ Declan Micah ♥ Felix Anthony ♥ Rhys Brennan
    Current faves for girls: Arabella Quinn ♥ Lyra Charlotte ♥ Kara Penelope ♥ Jessamine Claire ♥ Maren Evanna
    I'd love some votes on my name list:

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