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    I like Anna and Annette.

    My least favourite would probably just be Ann. I think it just kind of looks plain to me. No spunk.

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    Anne is my favorite spelling, Anneliese is lovely, Annette is another one that sounds so stately but still feminine (and can grow from Annie as a kid to Anne or Annette in adulthood). I also like aine and would love to hear it used.

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    My favorites are Anais, Anneliese, and Annika. Since Anne of Green Gables was my favorite book growing up, I have a special love for the simple but beautiful Anne.

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    Johanna is my favorite, followed by Shoshana, although that is a bit of a stretch from Ann. I have to take a poke at a sacred cow and say I can't stand the names Annabel or Analiese.

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    I love Anna, then Annabel. My least favorite is Ann without the 'e.'
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