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    I love Ana. It's my niece's name and she's 3. She's only ever encountered one other Ana in preschool and it was short for Anastasia. It's very uncommon among little girls nowadays, especially little Caucasian girls, and I love its feminine simplicity.
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    The simple and classic Anna.
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    Anastasia and Anneliese are definitely my favorites, just because "Ann" seems a little plain to me and Anastasia and Anneliese make it more unique and fresh while still keeping it tasteful (unlike, ironically, the name "unique")

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    I love Anne. Ann looks incomplete to me. Annabelle is my favorite variation as it is my daughter's name.
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    My favorite is Annabelle - it's just so pretty! I also really like Anneliese and Anastasia. My least favorite is definitely Hannah. It's so overused and I've never gotten the appeal of it. I like that it's biblical but that's really the only good thing about it to me - it just sounds plain ugly (sorry to any Hannahs that are reading this!)
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