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Thread: If You Had To

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    1. A clothing brand - Vera Madeleine & Levi William

    2. A Scottish name - Willma Eilidh & Lachlan Dashiell

    3. A virtue name - Grace Wilhelmina & Bravery Xavier

    4. A name that contains the letter “W” - Dawn Mirabelle & Lawrence Oliver

    5. A famous musician - Verdi Francesca & Mozart Noah

    6. A Victorian-era name - Victoria Edith & Isaiah George

    7. A trendy, top 20 name - Jennifer Emily & David Michael

    8. A noun - Olive Winter & Chase Benjamin

    9. A name with four letters or less - Eva Mae & Ben Noah

    10. A surname - Campbell Daisy & Smith Morgan
    Emma Charlotte Turner - 20 years old who love names and books.

    Future daughters:
    Annabeth Snow; Ruby Florence; Elowen Paige; Arabella Jane; Primrose Jewel; Dahlia Iris

    Future sons:
    Sebastian Philip; Adam Riley; Austin Jonathan; Stellan Knox; Archer Viggo; Tyson James; Xavier Jonah

    Engaged to Weston Johnson and hoping for kids!

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    Baby Boys: Oisín Thomas Jude - Rónán Emmanuel James - Ciarán Oscar William - Cinéad Robert Fionn - Cillian Éamon Vincent

    Darling Daughters: Orla Constance Eilís - Helena Cecilia Maud "Nellie" - Honora Veronica Alice "Nora" - Gráinne Rosalind Niamh - Moira Susanna Audrey

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    1. A clothing brand-Johnnie (Johnnie B),
    2. A Scottish name-Angus and Elsa

    3. A virtue name-Grace

    4. A name that contains the letter-Wren
    5. A famous musician-Eliza or Olly (Eliza Doolittle and Olly Murs)

    6. A Victorian-era name- Alethea Clementine

    7. A trendy, top 20 name-Emily and Oliver

    8. A noun-Indigo and August

    9. A name with four letters or less- Wren and Hugo

    10. A surname-Tierney and Finnigan

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    1. A clothing brand: Vivienne or Oscar

    2. A Scottish name: Isla or Malcolm

    3. A virtue name: Grace

    4. A name that contains the letter “W”: Wren or Wyatt

    5. A famous musician: Florence or Louis

    6. A Victorian-era name: Alice or Henry

    7. A trendy, top 20 name: Sophia or William

    8. A noun: Ivy or August

    9. A name with four letters or less: Nora or Finn

    10. A surname: Quinn or Spencer

    Audrey | Nora | Louisa | Estelle | Freya | Bronte | Edith | Imogen | Phoebe
    Lincoln | Jude | Ezra | Silas | Miles | Elias | Roman

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    If you had to name your child within each of these categories, what name would you choose? It’s up to you what gender you make each name and you can include middle names, too, as long as they also fit in with the category. Also, specify which clothing brand, famous musician, etc you chose. Have fun!

    1. A clothing brand:
    DS: Levi
    DD: Kensie

    2. A Scottish name:
    DS: Maxwell
    DD: Paisley

    3. A virtue name:
    DS: Noble
    DD: Clarity

    4. A name that contains the letter “W”:
    DS: Owen
    DD: Harlow

    5. A famous musician:
    DS: Ellington
    DD: Colbie

    6. A Victorian-era name:
    DS: William
    DD: Adelaide

    7. A trendy, top 20 name:
    DS: Jacob
    DD: Emma

    8. A noun:
    DS: River
    DD: Raven

    9. A name with four letters or less:
    DS: Dean
    DD: Jane

    10. A surname:
    DS: Remington
    DD: Emerson
    Future Forrester Babies:

    Korra Jane
    Kairi Carolynn

    Colt Woodford
    Carter John

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