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    3 Generations

    Your name is (1)______ ______ ______ and your husband's name is ______ ______ ______ (first, middle and last, doesn’t have to be real). You have been married for twenty-nine years. You are a retired (2)______ (career) and your husband is a retired (3)______ (career). You have chosen to spend your golden years in (4)______ (city, country, etc) and you have four grown children and three grand-kids.


    Your first child was a girl. Kind and nurturing, she took her role as the eldest child very seriously and always helped her younger siblings when they were hurt. She is now twenty-five years old and is a first-grade teacher. She has been married to her husband, (5)______ ______ ______ (first, middle and last), for four years and they have two children together. Her first name starts with the letter “R”, “M”, “W” or “C” (your choice) and her middle name is a flower or plant. Her name is (6)______ ______ ______ (first, middle and last).

    Your second daughter was born two years after your first daughter. She was a confident, free-spirited little girl and rarely did what people told her to do. She is now a twenty-three year old ballet dancer and is engaged to her fiancé, (7)______ ______ ______ (first, middle and last). He has a two year old son from a previous relationship. Your daughter’s first name ends in an “A” and her middle name is your choice. Her name is (8)______ ______ ______.

    Your third child was a boy, born a year after your second daughter. He was alway inquisitive when he was little and wanted to know everything he could about the world around him. He is now a twenty-one year old university student, studying foreign languages in Germany. His first name is your choice, but his middle name must be after your husband. His name is (9)______ ______ ______.

    Your last child was another girl, born three years after your son. She, much like your second daughter, was a very confident child and really looked up to her older sisters. She is now eighteen years old and is a high school senior hoping to be a pediatrician. Her first name is relatively popular, while her middle name is very uncommon. Her name is (10)______ ______ ______.


    Your first daughter and her husband have four year old twins, a boy and a girl. Both are cheerful and almost always smiling. The boy’s first name is short, less than five letters. The girl’s name is long, more than ten letters. Both middle names are up to you. Their names are (11)______ ______ ______ and ______ ______ ______.

    Your second daughter’s stepson is a rambunctious little handful. He loves to wrestle with his father and play any kind of sport imaginable. His first name is extremely masculine and his middle name is also a surname. His name is (12)______ ______ ______.
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    Me: Sylvie Elizabeth Jove.

    Husband: August Michael Jove.

    Job: (Retired) Cake Decorator.

    August's Job: (Retired) Police Officer.

    Home: Houston, Texas.

    1. Mia Rose Montgomery.
    - Husband: Miles Joseph Montgomery.
    - Son: Blake Jackson Montgomery.
    - Daughter: Clementine Anne Montgomery.

    2. Pamela Renee Jove.
    - Fiancee: Caleb Leander Iago.
    - Future Stepson: Jack Reed Iago.

    3. Cedric Michael Jove.
    - College: Brigham Young University.

    4. Samantha Oriel Jove.
    - High School: Washington High School.

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