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    A name I love comes from a variation of Laurel -- Alaura and it is a beautiful name and a hidden nature name. Unfortunately SO doesn't like it he is very picky!

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    Alaura Mae or Alaura Autumn-- now that is a full nature/season name

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    Meade, Springer, and Muir seem to fit the bill...

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    Alula (Latin, means winglet. Has something to do with the wings on some birds.)
    Anona (a genus of tropical plants)
    Ataya (Cherokee for oak)
    Betula (Latin for birch)
    Crin/Crina (Romanian for lily)
    Derwen (Welsh for oak)
    Eadha (the Ogham name for aspen)
    Eirlys (Welsh for snowdrop)
    Embla (First woman according to Norse mythology, made out of elm)
    Ferula (Latin for giant fennel)
    Ffion (Welsh for red roses or foxgloves)
    Flora (Roman goddess of flowers)
    Saille (the Ogham name for willow)
    Salix (Latin for willow)
    Scilla (genus of flowering plants)
    Ywen (Welsh for yew)

    I also thought of Aeronwy, although strictly not a nature name, it was used by Welsh poet Dylan Thomas for his daughter who was conceived at the banks of the river Aeron in Wales. It would be cute with Rowan.

    oh, and Fioled! Welsh for violet, it's so cute.
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