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    Question Strangley Weird, Super Confusing Hipster Names?

    So, I recently stumbled across this author, California Rossè, and can't seem to put her books down. They're sad, but amazing. I've read two of her fiction books ("Monsters & Ladybugs" and "Tell Me Your Name") as well as her autobiography ("Call Me California: I've Learned That I Know Nothing") and the one thing I cannot get past are the NAMES she gives her fictional characters! She beings hipster names to a whole new level! For example:


    So, out of curiousity: What are your most hipster names you can think of?

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    ...hah. Ew.
    I think that the worst name on that list is To-Morrow. Tomorrow alone is awful, but adding the dash in there? This is a question I have to the general population - WHY WOULD YOU PUT PUNCTUATION IN YOUR CHILD'S NAME?
    Otherwise...Mainstream is awful, too...That's hardly a name.

    Okay, change of systems. Rather than picking which ones are awful, I'm going to pick which ones aren't - and there's only one. I think Indie is fine, but that's because I know two.
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    I'm not liking any of the names, except maybe Indie and River (NOT Ryver).

    I actually like a lot of "hipster" names like Oscar, Hugo, Arlo, Miles, Dashiell, Violet, Scarlett, Iris, Alice, and Ruby.

    When I think of "hipster" names, I think of these:



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    Just names I find interesting:
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    Neal Stephenson has two characters named Hiro Protagonist and Yours Truly (YT for short) -- which I actually love. Hipster? Not quite. There's a blogger whose kids are named Soul and Glow, which I've always thought was eye-rollingly pretentious.
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    I actually like Indie, but the thought of kids running around with names like To-Morrow or Mainstream just makes me sad!
    And I totally agree with @christabel. When I think of "hipster" names, I think of ones with a vintage-y, steam-punk feel to them.

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