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    Welcome Phoebe Louise!

    We welcomed our beautiful baby girl Phoebe Louise earlier this year.

    Thanks to all nameberries for advice on thoughts on all the choices I put up. She was born and was definitely not a Juliet! I thought for awhile we would use the name Phoebe Clementine but upon arrival I thought that just wasn't right either, so we went for the simpler middle Louise (both my mother and sister's middle name) which fits just perfectly.

    Already got our next names lined up - Noa was our other front runner when we saw Phoebe - but Phoebe Louise is a perfect fit!
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    Congratulations! Phoebe Louise is absolutely gorgeous!
    Some of my evolving favorites:

    Hermione Grey - Lola Meredith - Matilda Charlotte - Meredith Eloise - Verity Kate - Violet Athena

    Benjamin Michael - Burke Atticus - Chandler Michael - Cole Shepard - Jackson Rupert - Nolan James

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    I love the name Phoebe!!!
    Louise is a lovely gentle name which matches Phoebe's spunk.


    BABY GIRL FINALLY DUE 5 October after 2 Years of IVF
    Delivery booked: Debuting on or before 26th September!

    Current favourite "top" 3 girls names for little Miss: Phoebe Rose Eloise
    Other (MNs probably) we like: Matilda Madeleine Charlotte Eliza Violet Kate Jade Elizabeth Iris Scarlett Felicity Chloe

    Current (but never to be used...) favourite boy names: Oliver Thomas Henry William Alexander Flynn Liam Hugo Isaac Bennett Nikolai Reid Edward nn Ned Gus Tobias Austin Blake

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    I love the name Phoebe! Phoebe Louise is beautiful. Congrats!
    Only 19 but a name lover!

    Top Five:Charlotte Belle,Emilia Alice,Clara Eve,Norah Lucille,and Adelaide/Adeline Pearl
    Other Favorites:Violet Isabelle,Lucy Arwen, Lila Josephine, Olive Beatrix,Amelie Sophia, Audrey Catherine,Louisa Caroline,Eliza Maeve,and Matilda Sophie
    Henry Caspian, Rory Philip,Asher Flynn, Jack Elias, and Gideon James

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    Congrats to you on the safe arrival of your baby daughter, Phoebe Louise. A wonderful mix of spunk and tradition.
    All the best,

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