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    This thread is full of cuteness. I work at a nursery, and the other day I was playing lego with a little boy (about 3), and he kept saying 'Oh robots!' in place of 'oh no', and it was so adorable!
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    In December I went to visit some family and had a "kids have no filter" experience. So my canine teeth are a longer than the teeth around them and pretty pointy at the end and my 7 year old cousin get really close to my face and says "Why do you have vampire teeth?' Her mom was mortified but I just laughed.

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    A few years back at Christmas time, my sister had told my niece the story of Jesus in the manger.
    She latched on to Baby Jesus and started calling her doll "Baby Cheezwiz" that's what it sounded like at least.
    She just loved pushing Baby Cheezwiz around in her doll pram.
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    One time I went to a Japanese children's day in a park and a koi (type of largish fish) society was there and they had brought with them about ten koi in large buckets for the kids to look at. The kids were all looking at this one koi when suddenly it jumped out and one boy who was about four screamed "SHARK!" My brother and I died laughing.
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