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    5 would be my absolute limit. But I would love twin boys with a younger sister.

    Boys: Kingsley Harris Anderson, Beckett Roman Indio, Benedict Sacha West, Misha Jethro Leighton, Lance Castiel Colter.

    Girls: Waverley Indiana Oakley, Jaime Adelaide Scout, Dakota Eden Avery, Athena Sky Kennedy, Juno Iris Piper.

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    I want four, absolutely no more than five (which will only happen if I haven't got a boy by the fourth girl).

    - Amaury Philip Theo "Theo"
    - Archibald Charles Inigo "Archie"
    - Henry James Nanoq "Harry"
    - Felix Richard Hugo

    - Anna Ingrid Alexandra "Nancy"
    - Maude Olga Marina "Daisy"
    - Hester Dagmar Elizabeth "Hes"
    - Alienor Ivalo Josephine

    Maybe three boys followed by one girl, I think that would be nice. Or just two of each.
    Would I be disappointed? No. I don't think you should have children if you get disappointed because of the gender. Having children is not a game, you can't just pick whatever you like. Though I consider myself more suitable for having boys, I would never get disappointed if I had all girls.
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    Quote Originally Posted by garnet View Post
    Realistically, I'd have two no matter the sex.
    (Henry and James, Henry and Eleanor, Eleanor and Mary)

    If I lived in a book (like the Chronicles of Narnia or The Boxcar Children), I think I'd have four.
    (Henry, Eleanor, James, and Mary).
    That would be such a cute sibset
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    Three would be my limit, and probably only through the second pregnancy being twins, or through adoption. I don't want to reproduce more than myself and my partner.
    I really would love a girl, but I know that while they can be different to raise, boys and girls require the same to raise- love, acceptance and good role models.
    I really don't have names thought out for ranking favorites. My top five per gender float around the rankings so it's hard to say :-)

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    Realistically, three is my limit. Five kids would be awesome but I don't think I have it in me.

    All boys
    Jack Evander
    Oliver Jude
    Leo Maximilian

    All Girls (This is going to be hard)
    Kate Isabelle
    Eliza Rose
    Anna Josephine

    I think two boys and a girl would be cute, like Harry's children in Harry Potter so Jack, Oliver and Eliza
    I like the idea of brothers more than the idea of sisters. My sister and I don't get along very well so I really don't want more than one girl because I'd be afraid they'd go through the same thing my sister and I do/did, bickering and teasing all the time. I wouldn't be disappointed, just scared of all the potential fights I'd have to break up. From what I've seen of brothers they tend to get along better.
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