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Thread: -is names?

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    -is names?

    I've realized that I LOVE names that end with an -is sound (Mavis, Alice, Ferris, etc.) but I don't know that many so if you know any, tell me

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    Boys: Alois, Alexis, Elvis (), Fenris, Francis, Francois, Idris, Louis, Mathis, Osiris, Paris, Theis.

    Girls: Aeris, Amaryllis, Carys, Cerys, Daenerys, Eilis, Herdis, Hjordis, Isis, Maelys, Mailys, Maylis, Paris.
    Zelia • XXI • Film and royalty connoisseur • I have a blog and one about royals
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    Anxiously awaiting a brother or sister for Luther Wolf, due November/15!
    Currently loving:
    Cassia, Dahlia, Rowan, Elowen, Clara, Hazel, Magnus and Griffin.

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