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    What would you name _________?

    What would you name singles, twins, triplets, 10 kids etc?

    I love doing these, so I thought I'd make it into a game, (if there's already one, sorry!). The first poster (me) will post a "What would you name?" question, and the next poster gives an answer, and posts another "What would you name?" question.
    So it would look something like this:

    Poster 1: What would you name triplet girls?
    Next poster: Amelia, Sophia, & Isabelle | What would you name twin boys?
    Next poster: Timothy & Alexander | What would you name... etc.

    You can include nicknames if you want to.
    You can use as many middles as you want (or none at all).
    You can use GPs.
    You can be unrealistic, like ask for names of 25 kids (they can all be singletons or multiples)
    You can be specific (WWYN triplet girls?) or vague (WWYN triplets?) and let the next poster decide genders.
    You can just write WWYN if you don't want to type "What would you name?" in full.
    You can add any extra information if you want. Ages, descriptions etc.

    Hope you enjoy it! I'll start:

    What would you name triplet girls?

    Wholocked, history and chemistry loving teenberry (16).
    Hoping to be a mummy in the very distant future. Dreaming of...
    Pandora Valencia FaeEvanthe Lyra Annabeth
    Little Misses
    Caspian Sherlock WalterPhoenix Arthur Blaise
    Mister Men

    Crushing on... ✦ AmadeaGeorgianaViolaPtolemyArchieHamish
    "'Mycroft' is the name you gave me; if you could possibly struggle all the way to the end."
    • Mycroft Holmes • Sherlock (BBC) • His Last Vow •

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    Triplet girls:

    1. Mia Elizabeth
    2. Sophie Anna
    3. Rose Isabella

    What would you name five sons?

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    Dec 2010
    Land of Cotton
    Rowan Theodore
    Beckett Elijah
    Sawyer Gideon
    Wesley Nathaniel
    Graham Jedediah

    What would you name four daughters and three sons?
    Ashley l Christian l Journalist

    Lorelei Anne, Hermione Iris, Rosalind Cora

    Phineas Reid

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    Four Daughters: Dominique, Juliette, Meredith, and Hillary

    Three Sons: Malachi, Geoffrey, and Patrick

    Minnie, Jules, Merit, Aries, Kai. Geo, and Pax

    What would you name boy twins, all boy triplets, and triplets(2boys/1girl)?

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    May 2014
    James Andrew "Jem/Jamie" & Jude William
    Daniel Roman, Henry Jasper & Oliver Nolan
    Elias Theodore "Eli", Lucas Alexander & Rose Genevieve

    What would you name eight daughters?
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