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    ---- The Academy Student Roster ----

    You are the homeroom teacher for the [grade] class at [name] Academy.
    There are 29 students in your class, 16 girls and 13 boys who all come from relatively prominent families.

    Teacher: [Your Name]

    Student Name:
    1. Addington, FN MN (G)
    2. Bishop, FN MN (B)
    3. Blackburn, FN MN (B)
    4. Buchanan, FN MN (G)
    5. Cavendish, FN MN (B)
    6. Christensen, FN MN (G)
    7. Clarke, FN MN (G)
    8. Connolly, FN MN (G)
    9. Denham, FN MN (B)
    10. Flores, FN MN (B)
    11. Fleming, FN MN (G)
    12. Greaves, FN MN (B)
    13. Green, FN MN (G)
    14. Griffin, FN MN (B)
    15. Hastings, FN MN (G)
    16. Kennedy, FN MN (G)
    17. Kline, FN MN (G)
    18. Langley, FN MN (B)
    19. McAllister, FN MN (G)
    20. McKinley, FN MN (G)
    21. Moore, FN MN (B)
    22. Paulsen, FN MN (B)
    23. Pierce, FN MN (G)
    24. Sanchez, FN MN (G)
    25. Thompson, FN MN (B)
    26. Tierney, FN MN (B)
    27. Turner, FN MN (G)
    28. Upton, FN MN (B)
    29. Weiss, FN MN (G)

    A game of this sort has likely been done before, but have fun naming anyway. I don't particularly like "name bank" games, so that's why this is a free choice type thing. Go ahead and use those current crushes or guilty pleasures you've got!
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    Kids are a looooong way off for me

    Eloise, Piper, Luna, Rosie, Lydia, Holly

    Simon, Caspar, Lachlan, Anthony

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    Penelope Rose Addington:

    Sterling Piers Bishop:

    Felix Cayo Blackburn:

    Quinn Hollis Buchanan:

    Cash McCartney Cavendish:

    Tye Vienna Christenson:

    Ava Scarlet Clarke:

    Stephie Linn Connolly:

    Daniel Stuart Denham:

    Tatum Riley Flores:

    Laurel Hope Fleming:

    Parker Paul Greaves:

    Deidra Adalyn Green:

    Elijah Chandler Griffin:

    Viviana Joelle Hastings:

    Alessandra Hilarie Kennedy (Lessie):

    Gretchen Janyne Kline:

    Landon Lorenzo Langley:

    Lorena Erinne McAllister:

    Korabella Rhiannon McKinley:

    Hansen Curt Moore:

    Nathaniel Jeffrey Paulsen:

    Cosette Madeline Pierce:

    Ariana Francine Sanchez:

    Harold James Thompson (Harry):

    Delaney Victor Tierney:

    Lucie Blythe Turner:

    Morgan Isaac Upton:

    Josephine Tallulah Weiss:
    Maisie Azalea; Sebastian Elijah

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