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    This or That: US vs. Sweden

    jillianthebookbutterfly did one with Australia, so I thought I'd try one myself. I'm expanding it to the top 15 this time.

    USA Top 15 2011 vs. Sweden Top 15 2011

    Jacob or William
    Mason or Lucas
    William or Oscar
    Jayden or Hugo
    Noah or Elias
    Michael or Oliver
    Ethan or Liam
    Alexander or Alexander (?)
    Aiden or Viktor
    Daniel or Emil
    Anthony or Axel
    Matthew or Anton
    Elijah or Erik
    Joshua or Leo
    Liam or Filip

    Sophia or Alice
    Isabella or Maja
    Emma or Elsa
    Olivia or Julia
    Ava or Linnea
    Emily or Ella
    Abigail or Ebba
    Madison or Molly
    Mia or Wilma
    Chloe or Emma
    Elizabeth or Nellie
    Ella or Alva
    Addison or Isabelle
    Natalie or Olivia
    Lily or Agnes

    Who won?
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    William (S)
    Lucas (S)
    Oscar (S)
    Hugo (S)
    Elias (S)
    Oliver (S)
    Ethan (US)
    Alexander (both!)
    Viktor (S)
    Daniel (US)
    Anthony (US)
    Matthew (US)
    Erik (S)
    Leo (S)
    Liam (US)

    Alice (S)
    Isabella (US)
    Emma (US)
    Julia (S)
    Ava (US)
    Ella (S)
    Ebba (S)
    Molly (S)
    Mia (US)
    Emma (S)
    Elizabeth (US)
    Ella (US)
    Isabelle (S)
    Natalie (US)
    Lily (US)

    Looks like Sweden for the boys and the US for girls. Prefer Sweden's overall though!

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    USA Top 15 2011 vs. Sweden Top 15 2011

    William - s
    Lucas - s
    William - u
    Hugo - s
    Noah - u
    Oliver - s
    Liam - s
    Alexander or Alexander (?)
    Viktor - s
    Emil - s
    Axel - s
    Matthew - u
    Elijah - u
    Leo - s
    Liam - u

    Sweden wins!

    Alice - s
    Maja - s
    Elsa - s
    Olivia - u
    Linnea - s
    Ella - s
    Abigail - u
    Molly - s
    Mia - u
    Emma - s
    Nellie - s
    Ella - u
    Isabelle - s
    Natalie - u
    Lily - u

    Sweden wins!
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