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    Oct 2012
    Sydney, Australia
    Isoline Philippa Anaïs (initials)
    Tempest Maeve Louisa (changed fn)
    Kirsten Olivia Rose (kept)
    Phoebe Jean Frida (changed mn)
    Heather Victoria Emma (swapped)

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    Phoebe Jean Frida (kept)
    Louisa Maeve Tempest (swapped)
    Heather Claire Sophie (changed mn)
    Matilda Olivia Rose (changed fn)
    Isobel Philippa Anne (initials)

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    Jul 2011
    Matilda Olivia Rose (kept)
    Anne Isobel Philippa (swapped)
    Ava Claire Sophie (changed fn)
    Phoebe Esme Grace (changed mn)
    Lila Mae Teagan (initials)

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    Phoebe Esme Grace (kept)
    Sophie Ava Claire (swapped)
    Lila Hazel Faith (changed mn)
    Maia Olive Rose (changed fn)
    Ava Iris Paige (initials)

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    Jul 2011
    Lila Hazel Faith (kept)
    Esme Grace Phoebe (swapped)
    Nerissa Olive Rose (changed fn)
    Ava Madison Aria (changed mn)
    Sarah Addison Camellia (initials)

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