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Thread: Smith

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    I quite like it. I would be very charmed if a man I found attractive had that name. As for people who think it's plain, try knowing a sea of Mikes, Jons and Matts your age. I swear, almost every single guy.

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    I personally don't like it. It's seems a little bland. Everett is a cute first name.

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    I would consider it unusable. Even as a surname it is bland and boring. It would cause a lot of confusion.
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    Maybe I'd like Smith more as a first name if it weren't so common as a last name.

    Have you ever considered North? It's very similar, but it manages to feel more like a first name, at least to me.
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    Smith is okay as a first name. It might cause a little confusion. However, I would never be able to handle the nickname, Smitty, and I don't think it would be avoidable.
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