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Thread: The Letter Game

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    Jul 2012

    The Letter Game

    This game is simple! Turn the word the last poster has given you, into the initials of a family (parents&siblings, sibs only-your choice!).

    -The category for the words is FAMILY.
    -There is no limit on the letters in the word
    -You must use ONE WORD ONLY, no hyphenated words.
    -The category is very flexible: give a word that YOU believe is related to the word FAMILY
    -Words can be repeated if nessecary.
    -Middle & Last names are completely optional
    -Only FIRST names have to start with the letter in the word.

    I will use my answer as the example:

    DD: Lilian Rose
    DD: Olivia Jade
    DD: Vivienne Harlow
    DD: Evie Grace

    The Next Word is: FAMILY
    Top Sets:
    Girls: Olivia Fleur, Ava Tilly, Mila Bambi
    Boys: Theo Felix, Asher Louie, Archer Levi

    Top 10 Names (no order):
    Girls: Olivia, Ava, Mila, Grace, Sienna, Harlow, Fleur, Elise, Tilly, Willow

    Boys: Theo, Archer, Asher, Noah, Perry, Felix, Eli, Flynn, Ashton, Louie

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    Nov 2013
    Upstate NY
    DH: Foster Elias
    DW: Aurelia Eloise

    DS: Macsen Oliver
    DD: Isla Rowan
    DS: Luca Owen
    DS: Yale Finnegan

    Next Word: Daughter

    Agatha Louise - 'Aggie'
    Proud Step-Mom To
    Maddox Owen | Ryker Matthew
    Expecting First Biological Child - Little Girl - June 2014

    Abram | Abel | Breccan | Brooks | Foster | Killian | Macsen | Milo | Silas
    Aurelia | Ever | Eloise | Madigan | Maeva | Noa | Romilly | Rowan | Wren

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    Jan 2013
    DH: Daniel Jameson
    DW: Amelia Grace

    DD: Ursula Rose
    DD: Georgiana Faith
    DS: Henry Alexander
    DD: Tallulah Jane
    DS: Edward Nicholas
    DS: Richard Michael

    Next Word: TOGETHER
    Writer, Reader, Teacher

    Girls: Willow Estelle, Emily Charlotte, Mia Elizabeth
    Boys: Harper Samuel, Sebastian Thomas, Aubrey Nathaniel

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    Oct 2013
    New Zealand

    DH: Thomas William Arthur
    DW: Odette Adeline

    DD: Genevieve Elyse
    DD: Elizabeth Adele
    DS: Theodore Ramon
    DD: Henrietta Louise
    DD: Esmeralda Selene
    DS: Reginald Berlioz

    Next word: CARING

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    Jan 2014
    DH: Cameron James
    DW: Alyssa Juliette

    DD: Rosalie May
    DS: Isaac Jude
    DS: Nathaniel Blake
    DD: Gemma Madeleine

    Next word: UNDERSTANDING

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