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    I prefer Sage to Saige (which just feels too much like Paige with an S). I think that if it's spelled like the plant it become a little more timeless and ages a bit better.

    Sybil Greer
    Sophie Gwendolyn
    Sarai Geneva
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    Being me, I'm tempted to suggest names like Sybella and Seraphine, but they would not match at all with your naming style. How about:

    Sophia or Sophie

    Paired with Gillian (with a hard g). Saige is a very intuitive nickname for a little Sadie Gillian, and it matches your other kids well.
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    You could also use an 's' name with the middle name Paige as a way to get Sage/Saige.
    Susannah Paige
    Sybil Paige
    Sarah Paige
    Serena Paige
    Selah Paige

    Sara Genevieve
    Serena Genevieve
    Selah Genevieve
    Stella Grace
    Sienna Grace
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    I second ( third?) Sophie/Sophia with your sibset.

    Sophia Genevieve is divine. Maybe too frilly for you?
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