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    This couple if from the book "The Selection" and "The Elite". The series isn't over, but I jsut couldn't resist!
    DH: Maxon Illea
    DW: America Illea
    5 births
    1: G: Lucy Sophia
    2: G/G: Aria Ivy and Evelyn Louisa
    3: G: Briella Lux
    4: G/G: Lillia Maud and Celestia Edith
    5: G/G: Aurora Poppy and Violet Amelie
    Lucy, Ari, Evie, Brie, Lilly, Tia, Rory, Lettie
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    Couple: Clark Kent & Lois Kent

    DH: Clark Dante Kent

    DW: Lois Starling (Lane) Kent

    How many births? 3

    DD: Maya Grace Kent

    DD: Harper Louisa Kent

    DS/DD: Colin Crow & Cecilia Clarice Kent

    Maya is the oldest of the family at eleven years old. She excels at almost anything, but especially her favorite sport, tennis. She is very independent, and has very high standards for herself.

    Harper is seven years old, and she is the total tomboy. She loves softball, and likes to hang out with her dad when he's not too busy. Her family always comes first to her, and her role model is her older sister.

    Colin and Cece could not be more different. Colin loves everything outdoors, especially bugs! Cece is a mama's girl, and likes to play dress up and wear pink. The twins are growing up fast; 6 years old!

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