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    Phoebe and Jane
    Phoebe and Celia
    Phoebe and Imogen
    Phoebe and Leah
    Phoebe and Cordelia
    Phoebe and Eliza
    Phoebe and Caroline
    Phoebe and Tahlia
    Phoebe and Talitha (love)
    Phoebe and Cecelia
    Phoebe and Ruth
    Phoebe and June
    Phoebe and Rosalie
    Phoebe and Maeve
    Phoebe and Lysandra
    Phoebe and Jemima

    So many lovely names to choose from - good luck.


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    Phoebe and Natalie sounds nice from your choices.


    Daphne as suggested
    Amelia- Amara
    Natalie- Madeline
    Sonya- Susanna, Serena, Sasha
    *Magnolia Alice / Evangeline Jonquil Snow / Adelaide Clover / Adelaide Sofie Grey/ Athena Florence Pearl/Genevieve/Guinevere Luna Neve / Georgiana Ismay Pearl / Eugenie Marigold/ Ondine Atalune Fleur/ Liliana Amoret / Annika Lilou Sage / Liv Corisande*

    *Osias /Augusten /Thatcher/ Ignatius /Hawthorne/
    Peregrine Atlas/ Fennec/ Asher Thiago Wolf /Hugo Caspian Sage/Beau/ August/ Maximus Odin*

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    Phoebe & Eleanor / Eleanora
    Phoebe & Alienor
    Eleanor, Alienor & Eleanora mean "bright shinning one" = similar meaning to Phoebe

    I also like Phoebe & Stella since Stella means "star"
    Mommy to John Alexander & 3 furbabies; Maggie the dog, Rex & Bella the wannabe lions

    Current favourites: girls -Eliana [Bronwen, Joy, Claire, Irene], Leora [Irene, Bronwen, Bronwyn], Sarah Elise, Anna Charlotte, Adelaide, Phoebe, Kathryn, Elizabeth, Anastasia, Celeste, Astrid, Beatrix, Lucy
    boys: Callum, Arthur [Paul or William], Nathaniel, Samuel, Zachary, Elijah

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