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    Twin's with the same name origins - opinions

    Hi, I wasn't sure if this should go in this section but hey it's in here now!

    I was just wondering if you had twins (or siblings) is it ok to give them both names both originating with the same name, for example I love Greta and Margot (both related to Margeret) is the link to matchy matchy or is it a simple bond between the two? How far would you go, for instance I probably wouln't use Meggy and Maggie together. Has anyone had experience of this in the past? What names would you use together such as this if at all? Boy suggestions interesting also.

    Thanks, you're fellow name lover.

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    Sorry I think I should have posted this in the 'talk about names' section, apologies to all.

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    Sorry I think I should have posted this in the 'talk about names' section, apologies to all. And I spelt Margaret wrong, again sorry.

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    I think names as disparate as Greta and Margot work. There aren't many examples like that, though. Extremely few people would realize they both come from Margaret. I think if the link is too overt it doesn't do enough to individuate the twins.
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    You can post here, that is ok! I think Greta and Margot are fine together for twins. I would think it is ok even though they have a similar origin. As long as the names are different enough in sound and appearance. It kind of depends on the names though.
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