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    Mar 2013
    DW: Marina James
    DH: Samuel Richard

    DS: August Ian, 10
    DD: Thora Mae, 9
    DS: Sterling Kevin, 6
    DS: Bruno Marcus, 4
    DS: Frederick 'Freddie' Thomas, 2
    August Calvin Clayton Daniel Dexter Dominic Felix Frederic Graham Isaac Maxwell Nicholas Oscar Oswald Raphael Reuben Sebastian Thomas Wallace

    Aurelia Avery Beatrix Bridget Clara Daniela Emilia Grace Greta Isobel Joanna Juniper Kate Lillian Lucille Marina Ramona Sofia Sidonia Sylvia Violet

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    Jun 2012
    DW: Aurora Jean
    DH: Sebastian Robert

    DS: Milo Everett (7)
    DD: Thisbe Jean (6)
    DS: Roan Bruce (1)
    DS: Enzo Diogenes (1)
    Name obsessed. Simple as that. Classic, vintage, modern, & biblical names are definitely my cup of tea.

    Favorite name combos for girls RIGHT NOW

    Audrey Elisabeth*Stella Marguerite*Vivienne Claire*Charlotte Mary*Phoebe Sylvia*Naomi Grace*
    Ramona Kate*Ione Margareta*Beatrix Jane*Lykke Amalia*

    Favorite name combos for boys RIGHT NOW

    James Henry*August Fredrik*Caleb James*William Lars*Axel Teodor*Owen Nicholas*Isaiah Paul*
    Sebastian Charles*Alexander John

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    Feb 2013
    Ohio, USA
    DW: Annemarie Rose
    DH: Simon Oliver

    Girl, Theresa Rose 'Thea', 9
    Girl, Ava Margaret, 8, Twin to Giancarlo Ares
    Boy, Giancarlo Ares, 'G' 8, Twin to Ava Margaret
    Girl, Rosalie Joan 'Rose', 5, Twin to Sandra June
    Girl, Sandra June 'Sandy', 5, Twin to Rosalie Joan
    Boy, Sterling Marius, 4
    Girl, Ivy Bay, 3
    Girl, Lilith Eleanor 'Lil', 1

    Current Favorites
    August - Daniel - Erik - Heath - Leo - Ronan
    Eve - Fiona - Johanna - Lana - Lena - Sally

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    Jun 2013
    DW: Elizabeth Jane "Eliza"
    DH: Silas Robert

    DS: Clark Sebastian (13)
    DS: Theo Silas (12)
    DS: Sterling John (10)
    DD: Lucia Hermione (8)
    DS: Ollie Richard (6)
    DD: Clara Prudence (5)
    DS: Macgregor Leo "Greg" (2)

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    May 2012
    DW: Eve Mara
    DH: Silas Oliver

    DD: Ottilie Wren "Tilly", 9
    DS: Thatcher Silas, 9
    DS: Cyan Domingo "Cy", 9
    DD: Francesca Leto "Frankie", 9
    DD: Reverie Caroline "Rev", 8
    DD: Ingrid Winter "Iggy", 7 (Ingrid is Michelle Williams' middle name.....couldn't bring myself to use Michelle haha)
    DD: Hero May, 6 (listening to Hermitude remix)
    DS: Finn Asher, 5
    DD: Joss Ramona, 4

    My kids are Tilly, Thatcher, Cy, Frankie, Rev, Iggy, Hero, Finn and Joss

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