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    Does Audrey clash with R last names?

    E.g., does Audrey Richard sound too r-heavy?

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    A bit but not terribly.
    If you love it, I'd say still use it.
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    A bit but not terribly.
    If you love it, I'd say still use it.
    Exactly. However, Auden or Audriana are similar but don't clash with R surnames. Auden Richard or Audriana Richard sound better than Audrey Richard.
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    I'm going to say no. I don't think Audrey Richard sounds that bad--I'm probably biased, though, since my LN is extremely close to the example surname you gave, my MN ends in the "ree" sound (with the emphasis on the "ree" syllable), and no one has ever said anything. Plus, I've been considering Audrey for my own list lately; I think Audrey Richard sounds fine.
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    Nope, it sounds great to me. Plus Audrey is such a beautiful name.

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