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    Charature Name Help.

    I need girl names popular in the 60s/70s or early 80s, starting with any of these letters A, R, L, G, U, H, E, or T. Easy to read names, and nothing longer then 4 syllables.

    Any ideas/recommendations!?!?!

    Please and thank you!

    EDIT ----
    Charature .... I know its not even a word, I typed character to fast....
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    Girls: Anthea, Jane, Amy, Patricia, Daphne, Tamsin, Marnie, Florence, Kara, Antonia, Sylvia, Bridget, Matilda, Diana, Irie, Priscilla, Erin, Miriam, Grace, Valerie, Eliza, Freya, Leanna, Cassia, Anna, Nina, Tessa, Lavinia, Johanna, Farrah, Avery.

    Boys: Matthew, Ian, Sebastian, Gregor, Lewis, Declan, Ethan, Colin, Clark, Scott, Elliot, Allen, Roger, Warren, Anthony, Phillip, Owen, Bradley, Simon, Zane, Evan, Cameron, Atlas, Robin, Harvey, Dean, Arthur, Jonah, Crispin.

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