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    The Forest Moon of Endor

    Post Another CAF Quiz!

    LN: optional, you choose

    First Name:
    Do you prefer frozen or canned foods?
    Frozen- Douglas
    Canned- Alexander

    Middle Name:
    Do you prefer neutral painted walls or colorful walls?
    Neutral- Sorrel
    Colorful- Neel

    First Name:
    When you were a baby, did you suck your thumb/fingers or use a pacifier?
    Sucked thumb- Sabrina
    Pacifier- Angela
    Neither- Nora

    Middle Name:
    Favorite comic?
    The Peanuts- Lucy
    Garfield- Arlene
    Calvin & Hobbes- Calla
    Beetle Bailey- Bailey
    Never heard of/don't like any of them- Elle

    First Name:
    Do you like to be the center of attention?
    Yes- Kenna
    No- Bethany
    Sometimes- Sadie

    Middle Name:
    Do you love or hate the name Nevaeh?
    Love/like: Juno
    Hate/Dislike: Deirdre

    First Name:
    Which season do you prefer?
    Summer- Soleil
    Fall- Kirrily
    Winter- Neva
    Spring- Primrose

    Middle Name:
    Do you prefer to eat with a spoon or a fork?
    Spoon- Savannah
    Fork- Fabia
    Spork- Annalee

    First Name:
    Do you have any siblings?
    No- Bram
    Yes, 1 or 2- Brogan
    Yes, 3 or 4- Carlow
    Yes, 5+- Tamir

    Middle Name:
    Which vowel is most abundant in your full name?
    A- Atticus
    E- Emmet
    I- Isaiah
    O- Oliver
    U- Upwood
    Y- Yardley

    First Name:
    Do you think it is easier to find girls' names that you like or boys'?
    Girls- Addison
    Boys- Forrest
    Both are about equal- Reilly

    Middle Name:
    Favorite Music Group (listed here)?
    The Beatles- Paul
    Depeche Mode- Dave
    Green Day- Armstrong
    Arctic Monkeys- Jamie
    U2- Adam
    Culture Club- George
    One Direction- Liam

    My answers:
    DH: Douglas Neel
    DW: Sabrina Lucy
    DD1: Sadie Juno
    DD2: Kirrily Fabia
    DS1: Brogan Atticus
    DS2: Addison Paul
    Wee Wizards
    Sawyer Levi - Lincoln Scott - Bridger Davis - Booker Isaiah - Grant Kellan - Hayes Rafferty - Mackenzie Bram - Silas Carson - Reed Benjamin - Lawlor Mark - Shepherd Luke

    Witty Witches
    Arden Eliza - Greer Madeleine - Sloan Olivia - Jensyn Emmeline/Hope - Blaire Alexandra - Raleigh Eloise - Foster Isabel - Campbell Grey - Hollis Elaine - Lennon Sophie - Lillian Devrie - Brookshire Stelle - Berkeley Teale - Madeleine Ivy

    Emmy Soleil - Finley Sarah

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    Catalina || 18 || College Student

    Girls: Augusta || Bryony || Caroline || Elizabeth || Katherine || Margaret || Rosemary || Ruth
    Boys: Adrian || August || Bennett || Elliott || Ezra || Foster || Joel || Lowe || Porter || Weston

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    “Simple it's not, I'm afraid you will find, for a mind maker-upper to make up his mind”
    -Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You'll Go!

    *Expecting our first little peanut October 5th 2016*
    Alice Caroline

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