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    I think they are excellent, classy names, and don't scream teenager.

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    Don't worry about it! I'm 18 and I also love classic old fashioned names. :] They are definitely not too old to use! The names are classic but still familiar- Magdalene/Magdalena could easily be shortened to Maggie and Lucinda to Lucy, which would perhaps make your friends like the names more.
    I don't think the names are typical teen mom names at all. Like previous posters said, typical teen mom names tend to be trendy and/or spelled incorrectly.
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    Most average teens don't have the best taste or knowledge in names, which is why my friends think Katelynne is the correct spelling and Addison is a girls' name. They tend to think cutesy with lots of 'y's and pretty vowels. So, basically, my friends think Adorabelle is, well, adorable, and Emyleigh is pretty.

    Your names don't fit the stereotypical names of teen moms. But, I do know one teen mom who has named her daughter Faith, an important aspect in both her and her husband's life; and a son Aaron-Zachary after her BILs. Teen moms can choose great names, just most of the time they think Nevaeh is original.
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    You have fantastic taste. I don't know any teen mothers who are considering such wonderful, classic names. There are certainly some old-fashioned names that remain bitter and stale, but the ones you've selected are enjoying a revival or are due for one.

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    Your name choices are definitely in the "classical" rather than "teen-mom" category.

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