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    Do you think my favourite names reflect my age?

    Hello :-)

    My friends and I were talking about baby makes the other day. I said the names below as ones I like, and got different reactions. One of my friends said that they are horrible, and are only for old people. She said that it would be mean to put a child through life with these names. An other friend said that they are stereotypical of a 16 year old mum (as I am 16) to use. So, I was wondering do these names reflect me being 16, and are they too old to use? Thank you so much.

    Samuel Arthur
    Magdalene Pearl /Magdalena Pearl
    Oscar Henry
    Lucinda Violet

    "Sam, Maggie, Ozzy, Lucy"

    Thank you again :-)

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    I think your names a wonderful! I don't think they reflect your age very much, but that can be a good thing

    PS I love how the nicknames all go together! So adorable!
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    Wonderful old fashioned names. . I don't think they reflect your ages just great names!
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    Your friends are crazy. Samuel Arthur, Magdalene Pearl, Oscar Henry, and Lucinda Violet are excellent names. All four names exude class and are handsome, timeless choices.
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    Compared to what a lot of young people I know are naming their babies these days, those are GREAT. They're classic, they're spelled correctly, and they'll age great.
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