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Thread: Name pairs

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    Lightbulb Name pairs

    I will give out a name, and the next person will have to make up a name that they think goes well with that name, and say why ( you can pair girl-girl, boy-boy, boy-girl names etc.)

    Starting off, the name Camilla.

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    Senna Elizabeth
    Tobias Everett

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    Lilou and Farah (because both have lots of vowel sounds and two consonants/both are not popular)

    Lilou and Elia (g/b) Again, lots of vowels, uncommon choices, and they are stylistically similar

    next name: Timothy

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    Timothy and Caroline (classic and uncommon but not unheard of)
    Timothy and Samuel (classic and uncommon but not unheard of, again)


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    Kirsten + Melissa - Both were more popular around the same time. They complement each other well.

    Kirsten + Matthew - Again, the names complement each other well, especially when said aloud. They seem like they could have easily come from the same era.

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