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    Audrey, Miles and ....?

    When it comes to naming our children, my husband and I are on very different pages. It makes naming children very difficult!

    What we do agree on, is that we want our childrens' names to work together as a set and to be names that will suit them as adults. We do have some favourites but I'm really keen to get some totally fresh ideas from people as to what kinds of names would work with Audrey and Miles. We don't know the sex of our next baby.

    Thanks in advance!

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    All the best,

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    Oooo thanks. There are a few from our shortlisting on there already, and a few I like but hadn't really considered. It's interesting to get some outside opinions on what would suit. It's so easy to get caught up in the naming game and loose perspective! lol.

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    Well, you did a great job of meeting your criteria with Audrey and Miles! I'd add

    Camille, Deirdre, Francesca, Claudia, Laurel, Sylvie, Fiona, Elaina, Norah, Lydia

    Beau, Hays, Ramsey, Davis, Trenton, Grant, Trevor, Kipling, Preston

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