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    I'm sorry Zoie, not meant to offend you at name is actually a name that has about a zillion different spellings and two legitimate spellings and used to be boys name that went to the girls in the 80s so......I feel ya

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    Wow some of those are really bad! I've actually seen quite a few Zoie's so I've kind of learned to accept that one... And the only other one I think can be pardoned from the "bad" list is Makena, because that's actually a Hawaiian word/place/name....but you never know if the parents actually know that or not!
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    Hey, they'll all look normal on text messages!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    This is just a guess on my part but ... I have a very strong feeling that the next generation aren't going to be known for their spelling ability. The generation after them may not even know what is the "original" or "correct" way to spell any name. Sad really.
    I agree! You never know though, the cool/trendy thing to do for the next generation might be to go back to the original spellings! Let's hope so anyways.
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    The worst one in my community is Savannah. We live in GA, very close to Savannah, and I know:

    Savanah, Savana, and Savanna- All three of their moms told me, "So it wouldn't be exactly like the city of Savannah..."

    Umm,'s not!

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