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    What are your grandparents' names?

    Sorry if this thread has been done before (I'm sure it almost certainly has!), but I didn't come across any similar in my search. ANYWAY, the title says it all, what are your grandparents' names? Old people names have become so popular for babies these days and lots of people like to include their grandparents' names as part of their baby's name. I've included my great grandparents just so I could list as many names as possible!


    Audrey Irene
    Margaret Mary
    Antonius Wilhelm
    Roy (no middle name)

    Great Grandparents:

    Anna (no middle name)
    Dorothea May
    Esther Elizabeth
    Margaret Mary (yes, she's the mother of the other Margaret Mary!)
    Reinhold Friedrich
    Stanley William
    Thomas Leigh
    William (I don't know his middle name)

    Did you/will you include any of your grandparents' names in your children's names? I'd like to include Audrey in my future daughter's name (as either first or middle).
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    Midwest, USA
    Dorothy Lou
    William Rhea (pronounced Ray)
    Betty Joyce
    Ronnie Neil

    Great Grandparents (that I know of):
    Francis Lorene
    Walter (don't know middle)
    Elizabeth Mary
    Lyman Joseph
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    Saskatchewan, Canada
    Maternal Grandparents
    Ronald Charles son of John Sturdy & Ethel Maude
    Shirley May daughter of Joseph Patrick & Mabel (?)

    Paternal grandparents
    Richard Stanilas son of Hormidas Felix & Eliza (?)
    Clara Ann daughter of Josef Benno & Marie Lusie

    I plan on using Maeve as a mn after my Irish grandmother
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    My full list here. Please comment and I'll comment on yours
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    Paternal Great grandparents:
    Robert Franklin

    Paternal grandparents:
    Robert William son of Robert Franklin and Helen
    Arlene Adele daughter of Glenn and Virginia

    Maternal Great Grandparents:
    Walter (I think, I don't know how trustworthy old orphanage records are)
    William Churchill

    Maternal grandparents:
    Walter Anthony son if Agnes and Walter
    Phyllis (no middle) daughter of Stella and William

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