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    Is a Names Meaning Important to You?

    My mothers biggest reason for naming me Amy, rather than other names she liked just as much, was the meaning: beloved.

    When picking a name, is the meaning something you care about deeply? Do you care about the meaning as long as it's not terrible? Are there any names you love but hate the meaning of?
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    A positive, personal meaning is a big bonus in my book, but at the end of the day family connection or association is what's more important to me. If the stars align, that's great, but it doesn't have to be "perfect."
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    Personally, I'm not usually influenced by the meaning of the name itself, but what it represents to me.
    I'll take Amparo and Alma as examples.
    Amparo means "shelter", which I LOVE. It is also a name more densely used in the Valencian Community in Spain because the Virgen de los Desamparados is the patroness of the Community. I used to live in the Valencian Community, so I hold Amparo close as a nod to my experiences there. The meaning of Amparo is awesome, but I would't have loved it without the Valencian connection.

    Alma, I don't even really love it much, but I had a friend whose last name was Espiritu. He died suddenly last year, and I like that Alma means "soul"- similar to "spirit". Without my friend even passing away, I wouldn't have come to like Alma on its own, even though I love the meaning.
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    The meaning of names doesn't bother me personally, and I doubt many people who aren't name nerds will pick up on negative meanings. For example, I adore Cecilia and Ophelia, both of which have negative meanings. Cecilia means "blind" whilst Ophelia is the name of a rather dark Shakespearean character.

    Personal meanings however, are important for me. I have a lot of names on my lists that honour family members in one way or another. Some that I can really see myself using are Elysia Rose and Anna Florestine, after my grandmother Rose and my mother respectively, as her middle name is Ann, but I dislike that so Anna is a beautiful alternative.

    I wouldn't use a name I dislike because I love the meaning. I love many meanings of names but the actual name is unappealing to me. Carys and Rosalind are examples of this, I absolutely adore the meaning of Rosalind in particular, but the name itself doesn't really do much for me.
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    Meaning is pretty important to me, because the meaning of my own name is really special. But I don't let it completely dictate whether or not I like a name sound and felling/images comes before meaning.

    Sometimes bad meanings bug me, but I just have to try and get over it, and sometimes it can be made positive. Like with Cecilia, I'm not a huge fan of the meaning of the name by itself, but I matched it with middles that gave a positive meaning. There are some names I can't let go of, despite meaning, like Ptolemy, which is my 3rd favourite boys' name, but means 'aggressive, warlike'. I hate the meaning, but the sound, look, feeling of the name, and the fact I can imagine actually having a Ptolemy, outweighs the negative meaning.

    So I guess it depends on how much I actually like the name. It's quite a good test to see if I still love a name even if I learn it has a bad meaning. Or on the other hand, a good meaning can sway me into liking or loving a name.
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