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    What are your parents' names?

    I know we have a great thread going of "What are your Grandparent's names?" but I'd also love to see what your parent(s) are named. I have a thing for some "dated" names like, say, Susan.

    I think it would be interesting to see.

    So, hit me with your parents' names! And if your married, your spouse's parents, too?
    Lauren B.

    mom of H-man, Olly, and E.

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    Britberry (Wales -UK)
    Mine are Lynn and Alan

    My Partners mum is Deborah Ellen [debbie] and his dad is John Aaron
    D&R [Est..'07].♡
    B.A.R ['08] & L.F.A ['10] ♡

    Sawyer~ Greyson~ Beau~ Phoenix~ Jensen~ Spencer ~Harrison~ Xavier~ Jaxon~ Seth~ Wade
    Kairi ~Peyton Alana ~Talia ~Jade~ Piper~ Emerie/Emery~ Madicyn ~Paige ~Cassidy~ Piper ~Ellisse

    GP's-Chyler Delaney Winter Kiyomi / Kai[Kye] Rocco Alaric Wyatt Logan Mitchell Cooper Levi Harrison
    His GP's- Xander, Xzavier, Niklaus, Elijah, Jaxon, Chase, Caius, Jensen, Phoenix, Seth

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    My parents names are Cheryl Lynn and Robert Joseph Jr.
    My boyfriends parents names are Amy Louise and Kevin Eugene
    Little Princesses:
    Aurora, Noelle, Sophia, Juliet, Jocelyn, Everly, Brynn, Alia/Aria/Avia.

    Little Princes:
    Madden, Cole, Nathaniel, Hudson, Benjamin, Breccan/Breckin, Roland, Christopher, Aiden,Gabriel

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    Mine are Is0bel R0sal1e and N1gel Herbərt.

    His are M@rgrét and Gµðmµndµr K@rl.

    Hope you can read that OK, didn't want it to be googleable.
    Baby girl due May/June 2015
    Emil - Ingimar - Kjartan - Matthías - Óskar - Róbert

    Elísabet - Elva - Rósa - Sólveig - Svala - Ylfa

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    Gabriella and Patrick. Great pair of names
    Silas Robert Patrick - 7/10/13

    Penelope Elizabeth Pearl 23/3/15

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