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    What's more important: sound or meaning?

    What is more important to you in a name: the way it sounds or what it means?

    In my specific case, I can't decide between Ryan and Ian.
    With Ryan I prefer the meaning and with Ian I prefer the sound (compared to the other name). So which should I choose?
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    Please vote on my name list, Thank you!

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    I guess it all depends. For some people, the meaning really affects the name as a whole. Take Cecelia for instance. It means 'blind'. To me, it's not a big deal because I don't think of it as dooming my child to a life of blindness or anything like that, but for other people, they might not want to give their child a name with such a dark connotation, and I understand that. Names like Ophelia, Desdemona, and Portia all sound attractive enough, but their background and ties can really be a damper for some people. Take it from me, I was named after a character in a book that had some less than dignified things happen to her. So moral of the story, I prefer sound over meaning.

    As for your situation, I can't tell you what to choose, but my advice would be to pick whichever you think your child would be more proud to wear. Both Ryan and Ian are very nice names, so you can't go wrong with either choice

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    I prefer to go for sound as you will hear it much more frequently. As your child grows their name will change meaning to you anyway and you will thunk of them, not their original meaning!

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    I say meaning. For me, it's how I want to carry across a theme. I'd like to include something meaning beloved, blessed, gift, or precious in each of my kids names. I'm also really drawn to names with a connection light or stars like Lucia and Esther.

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    I'm more inclined towards the sound. If the full name already has a strong R, I would lean towards Ian. But if there is a long E sound already, I may chose Ryan, which might be irrelevant if you pronounce Ian rhyming with Ryan.

    Basically, general or overall name sound decides my vote.

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