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    Lightbulb What would you name a royal baby?

    Hello, everyone!

    This morning I found myself scrolling through a celebrity gossip site and reading headline after headline about Duchess Kate, Cambridge Baby #2, and all the bets being placed on a name...then I got to thinking: if I was a royal wife, what would I name my baby, knowing that it would it would be both a potential trend setter and picked apart by people all over the globe.

    I quickly realized it's a very loaded question. I've always been a Prince Harry fan, so I instantly paired up with him in my mind. I realized I had no hope of using longtime favorites like India (due to history, I don't think a British 'Princess India' would go over too well), but I also realized that I had the freedom to use names that were much more regal and grandiose than I could ever get away with for my own "common" children.

    So berries let's have at it: if you married your favorite royal, what are some names you would use?

    (PS I chose Eleanora ("Nora") and Leopold ("Leo") for imaginary first two children...but I want at least 4, and I'm sure Prince Harry will oblige, so I might have to update later )

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    I say Sebastian [bastian or seb] and Illiana
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    Eleanora "Nora" and Leopold "Leo" are great choices, @teonsing! If I were naming a British royal baby, I'd name a Princess Victoria and a Prince Arthur. However I also like the idea of bringing back older names, and in that case I'd name a Princess Adela and a Prince Edmund.
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    I would name a British Princess Augusta Charlotte Elizabeth Victoria
    I would name a British Prince Arthur Edward Frederick Henry

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    I would name a royal baby, Princess Charlotte Adelaide Mary and Prince Frederick Arthur William
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