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    The weirdest name you have ever personally encountered...

    I have just encountered the oddest name I've ever seen and that name is Terd Ferguson. Sorry, but this has to be shared. Yes, there is a company called Terd Ferguson Auto Sales. I think it's named after the owner.

    Why? Just... why?
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    Marry (pronounced Mary) Edith Sidebottom. So her initials are M.E Sidebottom.
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    Jeremiah Poop. He was my tour guide on a trip once. He had a good sense of humor about it though. I suppose you have to with that last name.
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    Jon Aho (pronounced Ah-ho, but you can see where Aho can go awry)

    Annie Leach (the first name is alright, but Leach? As in the blood-sucking creature?)
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    I was doing genealogical research and came across a father & son (unrelated to me) named Hatevil (as in Hate evil). Pretty sure they were Puritans.

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