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    Smile What are you and your siblings named?

    my name is Liviana Maddison
    I am the second eldest with one older brother one younger brother and two younger sisters
    In age order:
    Gunnar Xaden
    Liviana Maddison (me)
    Sabrina Paisley
    Amos Bentley
    Elsie Sapphire
    Our parents never wanted popular names! I'd love to know your siblings names

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    Feb 2012
    Britberry (Wales -UK)
    εїз Danielle
    B.A.R '08
    L.F.A '10

    Dazzling Dappers ✂┅┅Phoenix Jaxon Xavier Alan /Alaric┅┅┅
    Delightful Divas ✂┅┅Kairi Peyton Lilith Alana ┅┅┅┅

    Other names we like - Xander┆Xzavier┆Chase┆Niklaus┆Elijah ┆ Caius┆Phoenix┆Seth┆ Alaric┆Rory┆Casey┆Jesse
    Chyler┆Gracelynn┆Nairobi┆ Piper┆Paige┆ Madicyne┆ Ellisse

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    Selina Nellie, Lorena Aveline, Luisa Maria, Euphrasie Mae
    Marius Thaynan, Ivor Connor, Florencio Owen, Frederico William

    Future Mrs/Mr Ribeiro <3

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    Feb 2014
    Rainy Land
    Eilish Mary
    Kerry Marion
    Caitlin Anne (me)

    All middle name are family names.
    You can't save a damsel if she loves her distress

    August Leo Wilder - Marshall Ronan Gatsby - Stellan Evander Fox
    Roscoe Alexander Bodhi - Tate Patrick Monroe

    Emilia Charlotte Alba - Luna Florence Greer - Violet Eliza Bloom

    Greyson Ruby Marnie Ezra Ike North Willa Otto Everett Flynn Matilda Luka Finlay Jasper Etta Linus Asa

    Meaning of names are more important that anything else

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    Jul 2013
    In age order:
    Rebecc@ Cl@ire
    J@mes Rich@rd
    Sophie Gr@ce M@rg@ret - me

    Becca and James are my half-siblings and they were adopted as babies; their middle names are their original birth names.
    ~ ~ sophie ~ ~
    23 year old britberry
    not pregnant or ttc, just collecting!

    top choices:
    ~ arthur john peregrine ~ o ~ margot sophie anneliese ~

    other favourites:
    ~ edmund ~ rupert ~ darcy ~ jethro ~
    ~ helena ~ beatrix ~ ramona ~ dorothy ~

    "...even on the worst days, there's a possibility for joy..."

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