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    my list - what do you think?

    Hello, berries! Over the past few weeks, I've completely fallen in love with the names Avery (m), Faye (f), Rohan (m) and Leo (m). What do you think? Do they go together well, or are they a disaster? Thanks!

    I'm not pregnant or TTC, by the way - I'm just in love with these names!

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    I think they are all nice names and go together just fine. I love Avery and Leo for boys. I've never heard of Rohan for a boy but it could grow on me. Faye is not my style (reminds me of a certain word in Spanish) but its definitely not a bad name to have. I think they are all solid names. You have good taste
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    I love them all! Rohan makes me think of Lord of the Rings - so strong. For some reason it also reminds me of nature.
    I love Avery for a boy - it makes me think of Fern's brother in Charlotte's Web. I much prefer it on a boy. So handsome!
    Leo is fun and friendly but also solid and down-to-earth. I've always loved Leo (but never particularly liked Leopold or Leonard[o], so would use just Leo like you!)
    Faye is just beautiful. I like it so much better than Faith. She's whimsy and quirky, and definitely makes me think of fairies.
    Overall: if I met a sibset of Rohan, Leo, Faye and Avery I would swoon!
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    They are all adorable! Absolutely adore the names Avery and Faye but personally I would only them as female names..Avery just reminds me of a pretty bird which then leads me to think of a pretty little girl lol but i guess it could be nice on a boy too! Not too long ago I wasn't too fond of Rohan but now being on nameberry I've seen it talked about so much that I love it! Sounds so masculine but would also suit a baby boy and Leo is just adorable, I am considering naming my son that but will have to discuss it with SO -.- lol. They all sound great together too! Love this combo

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    Those names are so nice and work really nice together.

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