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    My grandfather's name is Lynnwood. I would love to include his name but....sorry grandpa not sure how. Great grandfather is Salvatore but goes by Sam. This has possibilities.

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    I won't include my grandparents' names since the four of them are still living, but here are my great-grandparents' names with the names of their parents listed beside them. I'm copying this format from an earlier poster.

    Charlie Gordon -- William Mace (Mace) and Carrie Lavena
    Daniel Donhue (Dan) -- Jeffie Layfette and Inerree Perthema
    Earl Junior (June) -- Earl Robert Lee and Della
    Eddie Pearl (originally Etta Pearl) -- William Madison and Cora Lee
    Helen Virginia -- Charlie Chester and Exa Ann
    Homer Jackson -- James Hamilton (Jim) and Queen Victoria (Jane)
    Mildred Katherine -- George Wiley (Wiley) and Grace
    Mittie Frances -- Stephen Franklin and Mary Catherine (Stumpy -- I have no idea)

    Several of the names up there are on my list in addition to some of the surnames.
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    My grandparents were August Adolph and Laura May (p) and Casper Frederick and Mary Anna (m). German, French/Scottish, German, German ancestries. I don't know great-grandparents names. I didn't use any of these on my children and they weren't used on my grandchildren either.

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    Maternal Grandparents: Theresa Eugenia & George William
    Paternal Grandparents: Rose & Anthony Constantino

    Maternal Great-Grandparents: Blanche & Stanley Anthony and Nellie & Geoge William
    Paternal Great-Grandparents: Guiseppina & Andrea and Angelina Maria & Luigi Antonio

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    Maternal Grandparents: Marie Therese & Guy Clency
    Paternal Grandparents: Anne Lizzie & Jacques Cyril

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