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    Trinette Patricia
    Jeffrey Gene


    Joan Kathleen
    Stanley Eugene

    Jerry Aye
    Cynthia Sandra Lee

    Great Grandparents:

    Ruth (don't know mn)

    Dorothy (don't know mn)
    Samuel Allen

    Howard Drummond
    Blanche Martina

    Henry Charles
    Florence Mary
    Girls: Anthea, Jane, Amy, Patricia, Daphne, Tamsin, Marnie, Florence, Kara, Antonia, Sylvia, Bridget, Matilda, Diana, Irie, Priscilla, Erin, Miriam, Grace, Valerie, Eliza, Freya, Leanna, Cassia, Anna, Nina, Tessa, Lavinia, Johanna, Farrah, Avery.

    Boys: Matthew, Ian, Sebastian, Gregor, Lewis, Declan, Ethan, Colin, Clark, Scott, Elliot, Allen, Roger, Warren, Anthony, Phillip, Owen, Bradley, Simon, Zane, Evan, Cameron, Atlas, Robin, Harvey, Dean, Arthur, Jonah, Crispin.

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    So many great names in this thread! The grandparent and great-grandparent names I know of on my side:

    Sara Jane
    Joseph Louie
    Geraldine Lucille
    Homer Russell
    Annie May
    Solomon Russell
    Mom to Luke Russell & James Reece

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    John Samuel and Emma Ellen May
    Christopher John and Joan

    I don't have all of my great grandparents names to hand at the moment, but the ones I know:
    William George and Mary
    Alfred and Ruth

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    Doris Margaret. She came from Anglophone parents, but in Quebec the birth record was French with Marie added as a middle name and French spellings for all, so officially my grandma was, Dorisse Marie Marguerite
    Robert Roy
    Irvina (not sure of middle name)
    Charles (not sure of middle name)

    Great grandparents that I can remember
    Julia Irene
    Robert Alexander nn Alec
    Please vote on my final two choices, Abel Gray and Milo Jude!

    Naming our second boy this December
    Abel - Arlo - Dominic - Gabriel - Gray - Jude - Julian - Karl - Milo - Noah - Phineas - Ronan
    DS1 Kolbe Elias born July 2013 (first name pronounced COLE-bay)

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    Paternal grandparents
    Edmund di'Castro (Half Portuguese)
    Valentina Carlota (Italian)

    Paternal great-grandparents
    Theodore Edmund (English)
    Elisabete Milena (Portugese)
    Leila Florence (Italian)
    Vincenzo Roberto (Italian)

    Maternal grandparents - both French
    Thomas George (Not very French I know)
    Marie-Isabelle Christine (Very French!)

    Maternal great grand parents
    Francois Pascal
    Emmanuel Sophie
    Antoine Jacques
    Lucie Camille

    I love all of my family names, especially Marie-Isabelle and Valentina. Every child in our family takes a name from an ancestor or a modernised form of the name, e.g My brother is planning on giving his son the middle name Theo for my great grandfather. I think is a really nice tradition to have; it gives a child's name history and helps to keep the memory of those who have passed alive

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