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    (Mums parents)
    My Grandmother's name was Leslie
    Grandfather was Walter or Wally as he went by
    (Dad's parents)
    Poppa's name is Graham
    Nanna's name is Patricia
    As far as I know none of them have middle names but I should look into it! I do like the name Leslie but now that it has become sort of unisex I don't know anymore..and I think the name Graham is cute when Gray is the nickname..however I don't have a close bond with any of my extended family so if I named my child one of these I wouldn't associate it with them..sad really. Oh and this lineage is as far back as I know lol I will have to do some research.

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    Cool thread.

    Michael George
    Doris Helen
    Henry Ervin
    Lorena Renata

    Greats: don't know middles
    Minna Amanda
    Gustav Adolf
    Silence Ruth Sophia
    Henry Ervin
    Edward Paul
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