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    Jun 2013
    1st Daughter: Ophelia Elizabeth (Lia, twin)
    2nd Daughter: Cordelia Amanda (Cora, twin)
    3rd Daughter: Etta Mae
    4th Daughter: Ayla Reese
    5th Daughter: Isabella Rosalia (Bella)
    6th Daughter: Josephine Maeve (Josie, triplet)
    7th Daughter: June Amelia (Triplet)
    8th Daughter: Juliet Nora (Triplet)
    9th Daughter: Lila Wren
    10th Daughter: Stella Alia (Twin)
    11th Daughter: Ivy Delia (Twin)

    1st Son: Bennett Jude (Ben)
    2nd Son: Liam Isaiah (Twin)
    3rd Son: Atticus Miles (Twin)
    4th Son: Thomas Dane
    5th Son: Solomon Ellis
    June 13th, 2015
    💞 the day I married the love of my life 💞

    || Arabela || Behara || Elif || Ejlem || Melećhana || Sumaja || Zehra ||
    || Amran || Elham || Hakan || Ilijas || Ibrahim || Naser ||

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