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    Pronunciation of Rosalind?

    I've always pronounced Rosalind as raw-zuh-lind. But I keep seeing comments mentioning that the 'ro' part is similar to Rowan and Rose. So which is the correct or more common pronunciation? If it is pronounced 'Row' sa-Lind I would like the name better.
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    I know a few Rosalind's, and they all pronounce it raw-zuh-lind. I've never heard it pronoucned ro-zuh-lind.
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    I pn it as Rose-uh-lind, mainly because that's how it was always pn in my Shakespeare class and that's how I prefer it.

    However, both pn I believe are legit. It's probably a dialect/language thing.
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    I personally pronounce it 'ROZ-a-lind' and I believe that was how Rosalind Russell's name was pronounced too.
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    I say "Rose-uh-lind", but I have heard both and consider them to be equally legitimate.
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