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    "Trendy" - Emily - because Wuthering Heights has always (since I was 13) been my favorite novel. And it sounds like the name of someone is independent and intelligent but there is this magical, sprite-like quality to it as well.
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    Feel free to ask me about Sanskrit-based names.

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    Atticus. I can't get enough of it. Trendy, nerdy, and hipster all in one.

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    Ava. Simple, gorgeous, and popular beyond belief. Love it.
    Henry John, Charles Wesley
    Eleanor Lily, Margaret Jane

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    Addison, Adelyn. They sound so friggin cute to me. I see nothing wrong with them personally, and I'd use either of them if they were by #1 name.

    I love unisex/'boy' names on girls too. Rowan, Rory, Avery, Emerson, Peyton, Blake, Blair, etc. If I married a man who wanted to use this kind of name theme, I'd jump on it.
    Favourites at the moment ♥

    Leah, Sophie, Claire, Madeleine, Selena, Jillian, Genevieve, Lily, Justine, Isabelle, Evangeline, Rachel
    Dominic, Elias, Graham, Noel, Chase, Dean, Blake, Daniel, Ronan, Luke

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    Trendy: I love Bailey, Aubrey, and Hadley for girls. I'm starting to like Peyton for girls, too.

    GP: Locket and Wisteria, both for girls. I'd consider using Locket as a mn.
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    Malcolm, Tristan, Aaron, Garrett, Vincent, Clark, Euan, Thaddeus, Eli or Elias, Wesley, Peter, Nathaniel
    Iris, Bridget, Bonnie, Averill, Petra, Saige, Catherine, Yvette, Viviana, Romilly, Martha, Gillian, Grace

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