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Thread: Can't Let Go...

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    Oct 2012
    Love Fiametta! That would be #1. Fiametta, #2. Arcadia, #3. Circe, #4. Calypso, #5. Alcyone1 All very beautiful! Good Luck!
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    1. of the standouts for me since your earlier lists. I love the balance of down-to-earth ease of pronunciation with a rare almost mystical feel. I just love this choice for you.
    2. Illyria
    3. Calypso
    4. Circe
    5. Gwenllian

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    top choice is Ceridwen (why only for a snow girl?)

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    1: Niniane
    2: Alcyone
    3: Fiammetta
    4: Illyria
    5: Arcadia (but Calypso and Hespera are also gorgeous, I had a hard time landing on just one!)

    Gwenllian is too complicated, Circe has a little too much baggage and I'm just not fond of the emphasized GA sound of Morgana, and it seems a little plain next to your other choices.
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    raptreverie: Hmm, the reasons they've been in and out are mostly comments on pronunciation issues... Alcyone is one of my biggest loves, I get such a strong sensation of what this girl would be like. Also one of my favourite paintings and stories.

    lineska: I agree about Hespera, I absolutely love it. My sister said so many horrible things about this at christmas, it's good to hear nice things!

    malk: The combo is Ceridwen Chione Solenne, feels like a frosty pale sunny twinkling snow day.

    dearest: I think I agree with you. Also, how do you think these names would work in Norwegian? Need to think about that as well...

    Thanks for your opinions everyone!
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