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    Surname: Hart

    Location: The Caribbean

    Father's Name: Barnabas Francis
    Age: 42

    Mother's Name: Charlotte Sarah
    Age: 30

    D: Temperance Ruth (13)
    S: Duncan Horatio (12)
    D/D: Louisa Esther and Grace Cornelia (9)
    S/S: Finlay Matthew and Amos Nathaniel (8)
    S: William Zadok (7)
    D/D: Elizabeth Martha and Virginia Constance (6)
    D: Henrietta Miriam (5)
    S: Gideon Alastair (4)
    D/D: Rebecca Mercy and Tabitha Patience (3)
    D/S: Abigail Mercy and Hamish Absalom (2)

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