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    BIG Music generation CAF quiz/namebanks

    DH & DW have 6 children (DS40, DS38, DS34/DD34, DD31, and DS 27) who are all married with children. Name the family members (including spouses, and youths) according to your answers and these namebanks:

    Last name: Your choice

    DH63 (Grandpa) & DW61 (Grandma) – the type of music your parents like, or closest thing

    Jazz or Swing: Abel, Banner, Caden, Daly, Edison & Adelyn, Belinda, Calla, Dahlie, Eden
    Country or Folk: 1: Fallon, Gable, Haden, Isley, Jameson & Finley, Gabrielle, Hadley, Iris, Jada
    Classic Rock: Keaton, Lakeland, Madden, Nathaniel, Oaklen & Kalinda, Landry, Maddigan, Noelle, Olive

    DS40 & DW38 plus DS14, DD10, and DS6 (same LN as above) - The coolest rock band of all time

    Van Halen or Nirvana:
    Dad – Palmer, Radley, Salinger, Tanner, Valor
    Mom – Paris, Quincee, Raleigh, Santanna, Tacey
    Sons – Walden, Xander, Abbott, Bauer, Cadmus, Dallas, Edric, Farley, Gabriel, Hale
    Daughter – Vienna, Willow, Zadie, Abrielle, Berkeley

    The Beatles or The Stones:
    Dad – Ian, Jensen, Keegan, Lambert, Maddox
    Mom – Calianne, Dallas, Elexa, Farrah, Gabrie
    Sons – Navarro, Oliver, Penn, Ramsey, Samson, Tarrow, Vaden, Walker, Zaden, Abram
    Daughter – Harper, Isabela, Jacey, Kalianne, Laney

    The Who or The Doors:
    Dad – Beckett, Calder, Damen, Eisley, Ferris
    Mom- Mae, Natalia, Oakley, Posey, Remy
    Sons – Gale, Harlan, Ivan, Jersey, Kellan, Lander, Manning, Noah, Orson, Pierson
    Daughter – Seneca, Taylinn, Violet, Winter, Zinnia

    DS38 & DW30 plus DD/DD9 (Same last name as above)– The trashiest rapper

    Chris Brown or Snoop:
    Dad – Reid, Sanford, Tevin, Vaughn, Warren
    Mom- Adrienne, Blakely, Camille, Daly, Elise
    Twin Girls – Francesca, Gabrisa, Haven, Isla, Jameson, Kaycee, Lavender, Malena, Naima, Ophelia

    Lil Wayne or Drake :
    Dad- Zane, Adler, Benson, Callister, Dane
    Mom- Presley, Reverie, Sienna, Taya, Veda
    Twin Girls- Winsor, Zooey, Aislyn, Bliss, Cameron, Daisy, Elisha, Faith, Geneva, Hazel

    Kanye or Jay Z
    Dad- Elden, Finley, Garin, Harmon, Isaac
    Mom- Ivy, Jansie, Kendrie, Leighton, Marcela
    Twin Girls- Nicole, Onyx, Priscille, Romalyn, Shaylin, Tayden, Vanessa, Whitney, Alexia, Braylie

    DS34 & DW28 plus DS6 & DD4 (same last name as above) – The instrument you would most like to learn:

    Piano, Violin, or Harp:
    Dad – Jesse, Kennan, Lazarus, Marsden, Noble
    Mom – Cassia, Delaney, Elizabella, Faye, Gracelin
    SonOwen, Preston, Robinson, Santana, Thatcher
    Daughter – Henley, Isabeau, Jessen, Kinley, Lennox

    Guitar or Drums:
    Dad – Weston, Zephen, Alexander, Blaine, Callum
    Mom – Marilee, Norah, Romy, Shiloh, Taley
    Son – Dannon, Elijah, Finnian, Garner, Harrison
    Daughter – Victoria, Ambrea, Brenna, Cecily, Della

    Sax, Trumpet, or Flute:
    Dad – Jetson, Kessler, Leland, Marshall, Nolan
    Mom – Elle, Josephine, Kimberlyn, Lilac, Marley
    SonPrinceton, Roderick, Sawyer, Theron, Wilson
    Daughter – Nadia, Rosaline, Tatum, Ambrielle, Brielyn

    DD34 & DH 34 plus DS4 (new married LN your choice)– The era with the best music

    60s & 70s:
    Dad- Anderson, Boden, Calvin, Dashiell, Elias
    Mom- Sidney, Celeste, Ellianna, Josette, Kindall
    Son- Flynn, Garrison, Hartley, Jett, Kingston

    80s & 90s:
    Dad – Lennon, Matteo, Seeley, Tiernan, Ansel
    Mom – Lilianna, Marlowe, Roxy, Simone, Tegan
    SonBowen, Camden, Davis, Ellison, Frye

    00s & Modern :
    Dad – Geller, Hawke, Josiah, Kyland, Levi
    Mom – Analeigh, Bronson, Cheyenne, Eloise, Joy
    SonMaverick, Seiler, Torrin, Anthem, Bradford

    DD31 & DH 32 plus DD 10 & DS 3 & DSnb (new LN your choice)– The best place to sing

    On stage or Karaoke:
    Dad- Campbell, Daxton, Emerick, Frazer, Gene
    Mom- Lisabelle, Maylee, Skyanna, Tenley, Arabella
    Daughter- Bronte, Clementine, Elsey, Livia, Mercy
    Sons- Hawthorne, Judd, Levin, Maxen, Sheridan, Trace, Arden, Brady, Carey, Dayton

    In church or school choir:
    Dad- Ensor, Frost, Gibson, Hayes, Jude
    Mom- Sloane, Timber, Arden, Brynne, Cosette
    Daughter- Emery, Lucia, Micheline, Sofie, Tryss
    Sons- Linden, McCabe, Silas, Traven, Arlo, Branson, Carson, Dean, Everett, Fulton

    In the shower or car:
    Dad- Gideon, Hendrix, Linus, McCoy, Soren
    Mom- Aria, Brinley, Corrinne, Ember, Luxe
    Daughter- Mira, Soleia, Ariana, Emberlyn, Lydie
    Sons- Trevin, Ash, Brave, Casey, Delavan, Glen, Heston, Lowell, Memphis, Stellan

    DS 27 & DW 22 plus DS2 & DS nb (original LN)– The princess of pop will always be:

    Madonna or Cher:
    Dad- Tristan, Auden, Brecklin, Caspian, Dempsey
    Mom- Mirabelle, Samantha, Aspen, Bessley, Emmeline
    Sons- Graham, Holden, Micah, Sterling, Troy, August, Brannen, Castiel, Devin, Hudson

    Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus or Ariana Grande:
    Dad- Monroe, Sullivan, Tyson, Axley, Brenner
    Mom- Edwina, Mirielle, Aubryn, Esme, Meredith
    Sons- Chanson, Dexter, Greyson, Holland, Montgomery, Brighton, Clive, Dirksen, Hollis, Morrisey

    Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera:
    Dad- Brogan, Coen, Drasen, Huxley, Moseley
    Mom- Aurora, Evangeline, Maura, Avianna, Erica
    Sons- Broderick, Corbin, Dublin, Hyatt, Murphy, Bronte, Cormac, Dunn, Burke, Dustin

    List Your Family! Add Pets if you like!

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    The Kelleher family

    63 year old Nathaniel Oaklen and his 61 year old blushing bride Olive Noelle Kelleher have 6 lovely adult children and 13 darling grandchildren.

    Nate & Olive's oldest son, Keegan Lambert Kelleher married Gabrie Elexa Grisham in 1999. They have three children; A 14 year old son named Vaden Navarro, a 10 year old daughter named Jacey Isabela and a 6 year old son named Samson Ramsey

    Keegan & Gabrie Kelleher plus Vaden Kelleher, Jacey Kelleher, and Sam Kelleher

    Nate & Olive's second oldest son Harmon Isaac Kelleher, now 38, and his 30 year old wife Ivy Marcela (Lowe) have twin 9 year old daughters named Shaylin Onyx and Alexia Priscille

    Harmon & Ivy Kelleher plus Shay Kelleher & Lexi Kelleher.

    Nate & Olive's third son, half of a set of twins, is now 34. His name is Marsden Noble Kelleher and he is married to 34 year old Cassia Faye (Atkinson). The two have a 6 year old son and 4 year old daughter whose names are Preston Thatcher and Jessen Lennox.

    Mars & Cass Kelleher plus Press & Jess Kelleher

    The other half of Nate & Olive's twins is their oldest daughter Marlowe Tegan who is now married to Seeley Tiernan Quimby. The Quimbys also have a 4 year old named Bowen Frye

    Seeley & Marlowe Quimby plus Bowen Quimby

    Nate & Olive's other daughter, Brynne Cosette is 31 and married to Gibson Jude Phillips. The Phillips have three children; 10 year old Sofie Micheline, 3 year old Traven McCabe, and new born Branson Arlo

    Gibson & Brynne Phillips plus Sofie Phillips, Traven Phillips, and Branson Phillips

    Nate & Olive's youngest is 27 year old Drasen Moseley Kelleher who, with 22 year old wife Aurora Evangeline (Hedden), has two sons - 2 year old Corbin Burke and newborn Dublin Bronte

    Drasen & Rory Kelleher plus Corbin Kelleher and Dublin Kelleher

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    DH: Nathaniel Keaton "Nate" Carrow, 63.
    DW: Kalinda Noelle "Kallie" Carrow (Hutnak), 61.

    DS1: Jensen Keegan Carrow, 40.
    DW: Farrah Calianne Carrow (Williams), 38.
    - DS: Gabriel Walden "Gabe" Carrow, 14.
    - DD: Vienna Willow Carrow, 10.
    - DS: Xander Dallas Carrow, 6.

    DS2: Dane Benson Carrow, 38.
    DW: Sienna Reverie Carrow (Bogguess), 30.
    - DD: Zooey Cameron Carrow, 9.
    - DD: Hazel Faith Carrow, 9.

    DS3: Callum Alexander Carrow, 34.
    DW: Norah Marilee Carrow (Chrysler), 28.
    - DS: Elijah Finnian "Eli" Carrow, 6.
    - DD: Victoria Cecily "Tori" Carrow, 4.

    DH: Josiah Levi "Joe" Kunis, 34.
    DD1: Eloise Joy "Ellie" Kunis (Carrow), 34.
    - DS: Maverick Anthem "Ricky" Kunis, 4.

    DH: Linus Gideon Hudson, 32.
    DD2: Aria Corrinne Hudson (Carrow), 31.
    - DD: Ariana Emberlyn Hudson, 10.
    - DS: Stellan Brave Hudson, 3.
    - DS: Ash Casey Hudson, NB.

    DS4: Auden Tristan Carrow, 27.
    DW: Samantha Aspen "Sam" Carrow (Munro), 22.
    - DS: Holden Sterling Carrow, 2.
    - DS: Devin Graham Carrow, NB.

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    Nathaniel Keaton Page (63) & Noelle Madigan Copeland (61)
    -Ian Maddox Page (40) & Farrah Elexa McCartney (38)
    --Oliver Samson Page (14)
    --Isabela Laney Page (10)
    --Abram Ramsey Page (6)
    -Zane Callister Page (38) & Veda Sienna Carter (30)
    --Aislyn Geneva Page (9)
    --Hazel Zooey Page (9)
    -Jesse Lazarus Page (34) & Cassia Elizabella Holmes (28)
    --Owen Preston Page (6)
    --Isabeau Kinley Page (4)
    -Josette Celeste Page (34) & Elias Dashiell Berry (34)
    --Flynn Garrison Berry (4)
    -Aria Corrinne Page (31) & Gideon Hendrix McCoy (32)
    --Mira Emberlyn McCoy (10)
    --Stellan Delavan McCoy (3)
    --Ash Memphis McCoy (nb)
    -Tristan Caspian Page (27) & Samantha Aspen Sarkisian (22)
    --Holden Castiel Page (2)
    --Graham August Page (nb)
    Baby Boys: Oisín Thomas Jude - Rónán Emmanuel James - Ciarán Oscar William - Cinéad Robert Fionn - Cillian Éamon Vincent

    Darling Daughters: Orla Constance Eilís - Helena Cecilia Maud "Nellie" - Honora Veronica Alice "Nora" - Gráinne Rosalind Niamh - Moira Susanna Audrey

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    Last name: Anderson

    DH (63) (Grandpa): Keaton Nathaniel Anderson
    DW (61) (Grandma): Noelle Olive Anderson

    DS (40) Tanner Radley Anderson
    DW (38) Raleigh Paris Anderson
    DS (14) Dallas Farley Anderson
    DD (10) Willow Vienna Anderson
    DS (6) Gabriel Bauer Anderson

    DS (38) Tevin Warren Anderson
    DW (30) Blakely Elise Anderson
    DD/DD (9) Haven Malena & Ophelia Isla

    DS (34) Blaine Weston Anderson
    DW (28) Delaney Faye Anderson
    DS (6) Elijah Garner Anderson
    DD (4) Cecily Della Anderson

    DD (34) Josette Celeste Carter
    DH (34) Calvin Dashiell Carter
    DS (4) Jett Hartley Carter

    DD (31) Luxe Aria Kennedy
    DH (32) Hendrix McCoy Kennedy
    DD (10) Ariana Emberlyn Kennedy
    DS (3) Memphis Stellan Kennedy
    DS (nb) Delavan Ash Kennedy

    DS (27) Tristan Dempsey Anderson
    DW (22) Aspen Mirabelle Anderson
    DS (2) August Sterling Anderson
    DS (nb) Hudson Graham Anderson

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