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    For a girl, Hannah. I feel like I've ignored it for 30 years, but I'm suddenly seeing how sweet and strong it is. Love that it's a palindrome, adds and element of fun, I think.

    For a boy, Cary. Not usable IRL, perhaps, but I figure crushes don't have to be realistic.
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    Rory for a girl! Probably because I've been rewatching Gilmore Girls haha. As a stand-alone name as well, I'm not a fan of Aurora, etc. It's unisex to me, but sounds so sweet and spunky at the same time. I think it would age well from a child to an adult.

    Dean for a boy. Gilmore Girls strikes again! I've never thought about the name much before, but it's so simple, classic, and strong to me.

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    Lexikj, I agree! Rory is just fine by itself. (: But, I'm also a Gilmore Girls fan, sooo.. I'm probably biased.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davisellu View Post
    Viveca-- I think it's a great and lively alternative to Vivian and Violet!

    Oh, I always wished this got more love on here, I think it's so sassy and exotic!

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    Probably Phaedra (as well as my other faves), mainly because it has the nn Phae/ Fae which I love (I like that it relates to faeries and it has 'ae' in it).
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