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    Lightbulb Help with baby girl name - Catelyn?

    Hi, my husband and I are trying to name our daughter, due in two weeks (down to the wire!). Older sibling's name is Kasey. So far, I like the following:
    1. Catelyn
    2. Ellery
    3. Alayne (husband hates)
    4. Cora (husband hates)
    5. Adelyn

    Any other ideas? I like more traditional names (ones people have heard of before) but not in the top 50 names (everyone has a Lilly, Olivia, Madison, etc.). Has to be two or three syllables.

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    1. Catelyn - I have always liked Catelyn/Caitlin etc, but it is quite popular. Maybe Kate, Katya, Carissa, Carys, Cassia?
    2. Ellery - Ellery reminds me of celery. Sorry, nms. Maybe Eliza, Eliana, Elodie, Eloise?
    3. Alayne (husband hates) - I prefer Alaina personally. How about Elena, Elaine, Helena, Milena?
    4. Cora (husband hates) - Corinna, Corinne, Coral, Caroline, Coraline?
    5. Adelyn - Adelaide, Abigail, Adele, Aislinn?

    Also Celina, Rowan, Avery, Bailey, Tatum?

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    Catelyn looks too much like Catalyst to me.

    What about Agatha?

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    1. Caitlin is the correct spelling. Anything else just looks silly to me.

    2. Ellery is a boy's name.

    3. Alayne is ok but I prefer Elaine or Elena.

    4. Cora is lovely.

    5. Adelyn is alright but I prefer Adeline.

    I think it's the use of seemingly random 'y's that're putting me off most of your names. Of all of your names, Cora is my favourite.

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    Catelyn: It's dated to me. Most popular girl name of the 90's and my MN, albeit spelled differently. Catharine, maybe?

    Ellery: This one just isn't my style and sounds like celery. lol Maybe you'd like Cecily? I know two of them, so I consider it relatively known.

    Alayne: I agree with your hubby. I've never liked this name or any variant. Alayna, Elaine, etc. Suggestions: Elise, Louise, Emmaline.

    Cora: It's okay. How about Coraline, Caroline, or Kara (CARE-uh)?

    Adelyn: Toooo trendy for my tastes. I've known too many born in the past two years. Adelaide, Adelle, or Allison would be my suggestions.
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