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    After pouring over the baby name books I've compiled quite a list of possiblities. :)

    We already have a short list with a few well loved names. But I just keep thinking we might be missing some great name that we never considered. Plus I just like reading the baby name book! I made a list of all the names that kind of jumped out at me for one reason or another. I tend to like names of different styles, but my main criteria is a name that's somewhat familiar feeling but also unexpected. So, what do you think of these?
    Adria (I'm saying it with a long A at the beginning, as in the word ate, is this correct?)
    Arielle (I like the are-ee--ELLE pronunciation)
    Corinna (rinna, not reena)
    Leila (I say lay-luh is that correct?)
    Lorraine (I like the nn options - Lor, Lora, Raine, Rainie, etc)
    Raquel (does this work for a non-Hispanic family?)
    Reva (not sure how to pronounce this. REE-vuh or RAY-vuh?)
    Shana (pronunciation?)

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    From your list, these are my favorites:

    1. Corinna
    2. Laurel
    3. Lydia
    4. Serena
    Anastasia Pearl, Caroline Audrey, Catherine Maeve,
    Elizabeth Jane, Grace Charlotte, Rose Genevieve

    Benjamin Clark, Jack Ronan, James Frederick,
    Liam David, Luke Alexander, Patrick Elliot

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    I love Corinna, Lydia, Serena, Raquel. Irene is growing on me, too!

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    Lorraine really jumped out at my from your list. I agree with you that it has a lot of cute nicknames, and it is also such a great name for a woman - I foresee a comback for this name!!

    My beautiful babies:
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    Felicity Iris Ruth (Lissy) 2012
    Archer Lawrence (Archie) 2014

    Favourite future names: Broderick Pearson (Brock) or Griffin Pearson (Griffers) & Georgia Pearl (Gigi)

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    Adria: AY-dree-ah is how I would pronounce this, which from how you worded it is how you are pronouncing it. It is pretty but seems a little incomplete. Like there should be an -na after it. Adriana.
    Arielle: I love that pronunciation, it reminds me of how Sebastian says it in The Little Mermaid. Very pretty.
    Corinna: This is Cor-ee-nah to me. No one will ever say it corectly, fair warning. But I feel like a lot of yours are like that, so perhaps you don't mind!
    Estella: Pretty, but I prefer Estelle or Stella.
    Irene/Irena: Irena would be my preference, but it is still a little bit old ladyish to me.
    Laurel: Very pretty, I love the nature reference. A great update on Laura.
    Leila: Lay-lah is, I believe, the correct pronunciation. Pretty as well.
    Lorraine: I am biased on this name because I know someone with it, so to me it belongs to an 80 something year old woman.
    Liana: Lee-ah-nah? That is pretty, but another that may have pronunciation issues.
    Lydia: Very nice, reminds me of a great book I read in school.
    Raquel: To me this is a French name. I'm from Northern New Hampshire and am very French and know French women with this name, though typically spelled Raquelle.
    Reva: Which pronunciation do you prefer? I would be inclined to pronounce it Ree-VAH.
    Serena: Love.
    Shana: Shah-nah. This is the only one I really don't like. It reminds me of Shannon, which I don't care for.

    Top picks: Serena, Laurel, Arielle

    Low on the totem pole: Irene/Irena, Corinna, Shana
    Caroline Frances Luna ~ Clarity Anneliese Kate ~ Josephine Louisa Danielle
    Marigold Laurena Lucille ~ Rosemary Margaret Jayne

    David Theodore Martin ~ Elijah Laurence Rhys ~ Ezra William Beau
    Julian Samuel John ~ Logan Christopher Knightley

    Literary GP Combos
    Charlotte Pemberley Jane ~ Philippa Austen Rose

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