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    Why can't I love a boy name??

    Ever since I found out I was pregnant with my daughter over a year ago, I've been working on finding boy's names to add to my name list... but I can't even find ONE that I love, while my girl's list has around 20 names on it that I love. I've posted on here before looking for ideas, but I just haven't found the right name for me. I'm looking for something rare (prefer not in top 1000) with a good meaning in order to match my daughter's name.

    Here are some names I like but don't love/can't use:
    Canaan (I don't like the nickname Cain)
    Matthias (my fiance and daughter both have names that start with M and I don't want to start a pattern of using one letter)
    Finlay (my cousin just married someone with the last name Finley)
    Lincoln (too popular now...)

    I feel like I don't have a defined "style" for boy's names which is one thing that makes it hard for me to find names...

    Any suggestions?? Thanks!!!

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    Based off the list you posted, it definitely seems you like more less traditional, non popular names. Something like Thomas or William is probably too common. And with the exception of Bodhi and Elihu, you seem to like names that are recognizable. So i'd say your style is recognizable but not popular.


    -Chandler (an occupational name like Shepherd. It ranks at 441, so not too common)
    -Perry (not in the top 1000)
    -Channing (ranks 672)
    -Lucian (ranks 596)
    -Geraint (actually a name from the King Arthur and the Round Table stories - not int top 1000)
    -Gareth (not in the top 1000)
    -Madden (ranks 541)
    -Lennox (ranks 823)

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    Thanks for the replies! Here are my thoughts:
    Chandler – I like it, but I’m worried about it becoming popular
    Madden – I like this name a lot, but it is too close to my daughter’s name
    Lennox – I like this name the best out of your suggestions, but I’m also worried about it becoming popular..

    Caian – I like this name a lot but I know someone with this name
    Micah – this is my fiance’s name
    Elias – I like this name! But I’m not sure if I’m pronouncing it correctly
    Callum – I like this name too
    Roscoe – I actually really like this name!

    Thank again for the suggestions!

    I don’t know if this helps at all but this is my top ten girl’s list:


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    The beginning of Elias is pronounced like Elijah, so it's kinda pronounced like eh-lye-us. Has the nice nickname of Eli as well.
    If you like that one, Amias (uh-my-us) is one of my absolute favorite names ever.
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