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    I think Sydney and Kelsey go nicely together. Kelsey Mackayle flows nicely; I think the pairing is a bit trendy, but sounds really pleasing together. And I like that it honors your cousin. I myself would prefer to spell it McCale, McKale, or MacKale (two of those three options have even numbers of letters at least and IMO more recognizably honor your cousin); moreover, I think you might find it hard to find another set of names that fits all those minute criteria if you choose to have a third. If the number of letters/consonants/syllables, etc. is really really important to you, however, then I think Mackayle satisfies those requirements without too much drastic altering. You're right: it is in the middle and won't come up too often (and even then it will mostly be her writing her name on forms and things, and she'll know her own name!). I think it might look cleaner to capitalize the K, too: MacKayle? Versus Mackayle? That looks better to me for some reason.
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    I think Mackayle is fine for a middle name. I would agree with ellenelle on the spelling suggestions though because they look better to the eye. I think that matters more than forcing it into a pattern. Don't let naming OCD take over!

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    I actually really like the name Kelsey! I have only met handful of Kelseys so it seems fresh to me. I am not a fan of Mackayle as much, but because it is a middle name, do what makes you happy.
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    Kelsey is a fine name! It's a tad dated, but was never anywhere near as popular as Ashley or Brittney or Jennifer, etc, so I don't think it feels the same. I grew up in that era, and I only met one Kelsey (you don't want to know how many Ashley's, Brittney's, Jennifer's, Heather's, etc I've met!). Kelsey has a handsomeness, and also a sweetness. It pairs perfectly with Sydney.

    Not fond of the spelling of the middle name, and agree that MacKale looks better to the eyes, honours your cousin more directly, and works fine in the middle spot.

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